A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV is a fun little beat-em-up side story By Tony Garsow on December 1, 2016 at 12:07 PM

Those who pre-ordered Final Fantasy XV at GameStop or EBgames in North America, or GAME in the United Kingdom, A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV came with it. What’s this all about?

A King’s Tale’s place in the so-called “FFXV Universe” comes in the form of King Regis telling his young son Prince Noctis a bedtime story of his travails with close friends — a journey not dissimilar from the one Noctis embarks on in FFXV. The game itself is a 2D side-scrolling beat-em-up, where you control a young King Regis, who — like his son — can conjure weapons and magic in battle.

For a small-budget promotional game, it’s a pretty fun romp; I’d recommend checking this out while Final Fantasy XV installs rather than an endless purgatory of Goblins.

We played through the story mode on PlayStation 4 — check it out:

Regis has three attacks mapped to the face buttons: light, heavy, and shield moves. You’ll be using these depending on what enemies you come across, where a Quick Slash can keep up with Goblins, heavy attacks can break through Ronin parries, and a Shield Bash to smack away exploding Bombs. Using various combinations of these moves will unlock other moves as well. Regis can also use fire, ice, and lightning magic that is useful too — Blizzard, for example, can slow down fast enemies like Cactuars to make them a little bit more bearable to deal with. This is mapped to a shoulder button, and by holding down the attack, you’ll be able to deploy higher tiers of spells

Of course, Regis’s buddies will also help out in battle with specific presses of two face buttons. Weskham will charge in with his dual pistols, Cid will use his spear, and Clarus with his double-edged blade. Landing attacks without being hit will let you activate them. The Armiger is also present, and when sufficiently charged up by landing attacks, Regis can deploy all of his weapons on a single foe. Using the buddies before activating the Armiger will allow them to jump in and help too.

The main story will take you anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours to complete — your mileage may vary of course, based on what difficulty mode you choose. After you clear the story, you’ll be able to take on “Dream Battles”, where you can try for a high score or time attack record while fulfilling specific objectives like “don’t use magic” or “perform 10 Aerial Slashes”.


A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV is now available with pre-order of Final Fantasy XV via GameStop, EBgames, or GAME retailers. No announcements have been made yet on whether the game will be obtainable elsewhere.

  • Emorelle

    been having a great time with it. Its short but for someone who loves the lore and world its a great addition. Its not the best but fun for sure

  • Justice V

    Hope it comes as DLC soon (though earliest will probably be in a month or so if at all). I’d like to play even though it has no story significance, just be kinda cool to mess around as Young Regis.

  • Noctis: Dad this story is getting Crazy..
    Regis: Oh? don’t like my story…
    Noctis: i love it, but Cactuars? Magic lamps? strange crystals?
    Regis: Don’t forget the bad breath…
    Noctis: huh?
    next one is kinda spoiler but i’d say use colgate for max freshness….XD
    i actually find it quite interesting just like the old mini rpgs, hope they release it in the dlc, or maybe on mobile just like just monsters five.. 🙂

  • Not enough story for me. Just lots of repetition and hacking and slashing.
    For all the movies and side games they could’ve just made stuff flashbacks in the game.

  • Emorelle

    I don’t disagree completely with you but I stand firm when I say that XV has been neat cause it is being told through so many different ways. As a fan its been great to get parts of the story or just more lore from different mediums. If all of this was in the game people would complain that the CS’s are to long or whatever. I think its been a hell of a experiment and hope they improve on it even more.

  • Couldn’t they make the CS come after the game is over as flashback rewards as you do difficult post game stuff?

  • Emorelle

    That doesn’t sound like a bad thing at all. I think something that isn’t being talked about a lot with games in general is just how damn easy they are making them.


    FFXV’s story is a fucking mess and disappointing AF, its characters are not interesting enough and not distinguished from past FF titles, if this wasnt an FF game, it would’ve been good, allright, but this isnt the case, the finale is also anticlimactic and FFXV has the WORST ending in the entire franchise

  • Yuntu

    not enough time for development (i know sounds weird, but the “final” team working on XV “only” had 4 years)

    the reason they decided to go for this approach is because they couldn´t get everything into the game so instead of not telling us at all they decided to go for this route

  • I hope they figure out a way to make modern games without having to cut out so much. This same thing happened with FF13s and maybe even Type-0. Both of those have odd disjointed stories that people tell you you have to play over and over to understand, but it should be like that.
    If I made a game I would put all of the story in the game and if I could, it would be mentioned in DLCs or collector’s editions or in flashback after the game was over.

  • Yuntu

    They have a way. FF7 Remake is episodic for a reason, because they dont want to cut stuff.

  • Hopefully FF16 will a whole world without having to sacrifice story or have empty wilderness everywhere. And not made up of lots of sequels.

  • •december

    FFXV’s story is fucking amazing. It’s layered and impressive AF, its characters are dense (Prompto, anyone?) enough to keep you on edge and guessing and very distinguishable from past FF titles as it’s own entity, This is a very immersive FF game, regardless of if it feels like classic FF or not. If you’ve finished the finale of this game then you’ve rushed to the end and frankly you’re missing a lot of what the game offers. Further more to mention, endgame content + Episode DLCs should be keeping the gamer more than pleased. At the time of writing this I’m (happily) at Chapter 6, and I’m overwhelmed. Loving everything about the chocobos