New Game Plus, level cap creation added to Final Fantasy XV’s Holiday Pack DLC By Erren Van Duine on December 1, 2016 at 9:25 AM

Final Fantasy XV‘s free “Holiday Pack” downloadable content will be seeing a boost when it releases near the end of this year. In addition to some holiday-themed cheer for a certain town in the game, players can now look forward to a proper New Game Plus mode and a feature that will let you set level caps.

Speaking on a special Famitsu live stream, director Hajime Tabata shared these details along with one other surprise: The mock “Mystery Disc” battle hosted during the game’s launch stream featuring Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda will be released as downloadable content in the future. For those who missed that event, we’ve the full thing archived here.

Final Fantasy XV is now available worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Recently, Square Enix reported the game has topped five million shipments since launch.

  • Invictus

    New game plus similar to Witcher 3 right? Like a hard mode version of the entire game?

  • I want post game stuff not to start over.
    I wish techniques were more of a factor in this game too. Hold back hit circle to do attack ruins combos and feel awkward when a foe is already falling away from you as you hit them before hold back.
    I’m conflicted about this game. Some stuff I like and some stuff make no sense to me why they did them. Why have a team attack menu but no noctis skill menu. Why make him get getting weapons but his skill tree is devoid of anything even close to a Climhazard or energy rain.
    Can he even still do the stuff from Descae demo with the hovering in air and slashing once with each sword he has?

  • Emorelle

    So deal with the stuff you don’t like and enjoy the stuff you do. Coming here and yapping about it does nothing and I mean NOTHNG. Starting over for a lot of people (me included) is something that many of us do. That data shows this. Just like the data shows the majority do not finish the games they start. They are dealing with millions of people not JUST KOKAY. The choices you may not understand means you either move on or don’t play. its really that simple.

    I can kind of tell that you are somewhat young. I see your postings here ALL the time. KOKAY people just don’t honestly care that you (one tiny person) out of millions don’t like certain things. I would suggest to enjoy what you enjoy and relax and don’t fixate on what you don’t. Life is to short to focus on the negative. The game is amazing but like anything out there it has flaws. Move on please and stop leaving comment after comment about this. Snarky is never anything but annoying.

  • Emorelle

    not sure but I hope 🙂

  • Invictus

    It would be awesome if it was. Just getting tons of people saying that the game was too easy even on normal mode. So kinda makes me bummed about it really. I’m not even halfway chapter 1 lol

  • Justice V

    Think it’s more that it’s really easy to abuse the system and over grind and level up quickly. Whereas older FF games that was pretty easy too, but would take a lot longer due to random encounters and turn based battles lasting a lot longer. I’ve read people going on in the game at low levels (by not camping very much or at all) and having a really hard challenge. Cool thing is you can still get AP to level up skills without camping so you can get all the moves you need for end game to do the cool stuff, but essentially still be level 1 (or really low leveled) so hp/attack/mp/defense are still low that it makes those fights really challenging.

    Not the best way to do it, and I hope New Game+ does indeed have a harder difficulty. Though personally other than feeling cool that I beat something that was hard, unless it grants a special movie, weapon, outfit, something, I feel it’s almost more trouble than it’s worth heh.

  • Bobby/Godless

    You’re getting post game stuff as well. The game already has plenty.

  • Invictus

    This is a good-to-know fact man. I never thought you can get AP w/o camping or leveling up at all. I might go through the game as normal then might have to put myself on a level cap then will challenge the world from there! Awesome suggestion!

  • Justice V

    Yeah you can get skills that allow you to gain AP via driving, extra AP for setting up new camps, AP for killing enemies with a warp strike or a link attack, doing quests or missions, etc. There are quite a lot of ways to gain AP, which is good because a lot of the later skills cost a few hundred to essentially 1,000 AP to gain them heh.

  • Haha glad to see this one also got some humor similar to MGS V…….:D

  • Daniel Masterson

    hell yes! new game +

  • AnimeFan89

    Yes!!! New game plus curb stomp confirmed.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Awesome! I wanted to fight Matsuda xD

  • Yuntu

    Yes. The armiger is in the game and better than back then … and well he also has abilities. Each weapon has multiple moves that come through timing and directional input

  • Yuntu

    I think the level cap thing will really help this game for people that feel its to easy to overlevel

  • I’m starting to finally see that. But you can barely tell when you did one. I knew holding direction changed attack patterns but I still miss having a skill’s name run over the screen with a flashy background change. Like Omnislash. I just got Armiger in the game after I finally stopped doing sidequests and decided to do the story for a while.
    I think the problem is so much has been removed to make the game more speedy. There’s no long slice and dice combo skill, you have to do it, there’s no cool one-hitter quitter, you have to do it. If you want to do an Omnislash skill basically it will never happen if you can’t figure out the right button combos to do it. Sadly more thought was put into team attacks than limit breaks or special attacks.

  • Yuntu

    That´s exactly why this battlesystem is fun. Because you have to do stuff yourself and don´t just activate an ability doing it for you.

  • But doing it yourself makes it look awkward. Not to mention a lot of the time the moves send the camera in a tail spin. If it was an automatic animation that made the background vanish you could see the whole attack in all it’s glory. No random trees or walls in the way. I tell Gladio to to Tempest and he bumps around for 3 seconds before doing it. I tell Noctis to do Armiger and as he slashes and dashes the screen zips around trying to keep up but ultimately you have to lock on and tap circle and hope for the best.

  • Yuntu


    i wonder why you even got this game

    because all that is known for years now

  • I got it for the story and I like Noctis as a character. And I don’t believe in watching a game and not playing it.

  • Yuntu

    well you certainly look that way

    because the way you talk make it seem as if you want cool flashy moves without doing them yourself in an actionbased system

  • To me it would be better if it was like Tales of Xillia 1 and 2. Where you get action battle system but there’s no trees in the middle of the fight ruining your vision. I like action RPGs but things get insane fighting at night around a woodland and with small flashlights and plenty of trees.

  • Yuntu

    well i atleast agree that trees and bushes should be see through

  • Yeah just make them vanish during battle. In rogue galaxy they did that with NPCs. Everyone vanished during a battle and came back when it was over. Brilliant.