It won’t take you three days to kill FFXV’s Adamantoise; we do it considerably quicker By Tony Garsow on January 3, 2017 at 11:46 PM

Calm yourself Conan, it won’t take you three actual days to kill the Adamantoise. Heck, it won’t even take three in-game days. With a little prep, it’s easy to whittle down battle time before your pizza delivery driver arrives.

Make no mistake, this Final Fantasy XV boss isn’t exactly a pushover. The Adamantoise has well over five million hit points (that’s a lot), but its attacks are rather predictable and survivable if you’re decently geared. In the video below, I highlight a few tips you can make use of to make the fight remarkably quicker.

My weapon of choice is the Zwill Crossblades — these are considered by most to be the best weapons in the game, as they have a high attack potency (345) and, being daggers, have an incredibly fast damage output. While other weapons may have a higher potency, such as the Dominator greatsword (583), these weapons are much slower and can’t get near as many hits in. You’ll get the Zwill Crossblades by finishing the final chain of the legendary weapon quest “Wondrous Weapons” in Lestallum. Other attack-enhancing accessories are highly recommended.

First, there’s no use fighting on an empty stomach — but any old recipe won’t do. Here we’ll want Ignis to make Golden Tail Soup, which can be made from Kujata Marrow, Platinum Myrltrout Fillet, and Allural Shallots. Also, he’ll automatically get this recipe when his Cooking skill reaches the maximum level of ten. This’ll bestow the Clairvoyant buff, which will count every single hit as a critical hit. That’s double damage for every blow, which does wonders for the fight’s length. The additional HP recovery buff helps too, but we’re here for those delicious crits.

Ignis will be backing you up with the Enhancement skill, where several stacked elemental attack buffs will pile on even more damage. Use this ad nauseum.

As for the actual battle, there’s probably a few ways to approach it. The video above isn’t my best time attempting this, so consider it more of a primer than anything. Some have managed to get it down under ten minutes. You’ll likely want to start on a more stationary target like the legs — where the Adamantoise’s movement is most predictable. The tricky part here isn’t so much a battle with the beast itself, but fighting the camera and the awkward positioning of “points” where Noctis is actually able to land blows. There’s not too much going on here except for renewing your buffs and dealing out fast damage. Using the Armiger and Armiger Chain abilities when available. When you break a certain damage threshold, you’ll be able to go after the Adamantoise’s head.

As pictured above, lock on to the eye and just go… all… out… You’re going to do the most damage to the Adamantoise here. The eye’s a bit of a distance off the ground, so what I would suggest is doing as much of the dagger combo as you can, using the warp button (with the left analog stick held away) to air dash away. Quickly re-target the eye and Warp Stike back into position, which will let you get off another combo. Your quick hits from dagger-type weapons will also build back your MP quite nicely, so you’ll be able to stay airborne for quite some time.

Once you have all that down, it’s just a matter of time. Maybe do that QTE bit for funsies.

If you ever get the chance to summon Titan here, do that too. It’s pretty dang awesome.

Now, once you’ve downed the Adamantoise you’ll nab the Turtle Toppler trophy, but you’re probably wondering what point there is in grinding the hunt. Well, Adamantite has a pretty good chance of dropping, if not 100%. When used with Elemancy, you’ll be able to craft thirteen of each of the most powerful elemental spells: Flare, Freeze, and Electon. What’s even better is that they’ll come with the ability to break the 9999 damage limit. This’ll come in handy quite a bit should you decide to take on the game’s high level Menace Dungeons, particularly the one under Costlemark Keep. Which item use restricted, you’ll want extremely fast floor clears (there are up to 60) without risking damage or death.

You’ll also have a chance at Adamantoise Meat, which seems to be a much rarer find. It’s used in a recipe that bestows an additional 600 strength, 4000 hit points, and 200% HP recovery rate. In France they call it a “Tortue with Cheese.”

Best of luck on the grind. It’s almost like Final Fantasy XIII never left. Here’s to aggressively wasting our time with more Adamantoise farming!

Final Fantasy XV is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.