Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus Review By Tony Garsow on March 31, 2017 at 12:07 AM

Since Final Fantasy XV‘s launch last November, there have been a multitude of free updates to the game that either add features or have a bit of fun. “Episode Gladiolus,” however, is the first paid story DLC that’s out after the original box. Two more featuring Noctis’s chums are coming too: “Episode Prompto” in June and “Episode Ignis” sometime this year.

While a lot of games that employ a similar post-launch DLC structure, FFXV plans to have unique gameplay types based around their titular characters. Gladio, for example, is a big bruiser in the mothership game. Much of the design of his episode is built around this fact. This time, it’s intended to have a more action game style that also dips a little bit into Soulsbourne territory by having you slow down a bit and think more carefully.

Personally, I like it when games try to change things up a bit and dabble in other types of gameplay, provided that there’s an easy transition to and from the main course. You actually see a lot of this in XV, like the Pitioss Ruins, Chapter 13, and so on. In the case of the former, I’ve expounded on why I’ve felt that it’s an awkward, yet fun — even good — piece of side content. The latter, well, let’s say I echo the sentiment that while it might have been good on paper, what resulted was a tedious slog.

Sadly, Episode Gladiolus falls in the camp of the latter.

(Note: The following will contain spoilers for Final Fantasy XV and Episode Gladiolus.)

I’m probably not alone when I thought: “oh, here’s where the DLC goes” when Gladiolus suddenly and mysteriously left the party during Chapter 6. In a previous run-in with Ravus Nox Fleuret, one of XV’s antagonists, Gladio is easily swatted aside when Noctis is threatened. Embittered by the whole thing, he sets off to become more powerful, so that when it comes time to protect his King from Ravus again, he’ll be ready.

To meet this end, Gladio beckons Cor to allow him to face the Trial of Gilgamesh, meant to test the Lucian king’s defenders. Cor, having survived the trial himself, reluctantly agrees and escorts him to the Tempering Grounds where the Blademaster is known to dwell.

Unfortunately, we don’t really get much of an intimate background on the pair other than Cor’s recollection of his own attempt of the trial. It would have been a wonderful opportunity for Gladiolus to talk about what his service to Noctis, Regis, or his duty to the royal line mean to him outside of his immediate, personal ambition to “get stronger.” None of the story is bad by any means, it just feels functional at best.

Why it’s a letdown is that XV’s story problems are heavily steeped in trying to create big moments without building them up properly. What could have been an opportunity to further explore the characters in this DLC episode here just doesn’t happen, so hopefully “Prompto” and “Ignis” pick up the slack. You just get flakes of something. “Something something pasts,” “something something stronger.” The kicker is that anyone who has already played through FFXV knows that Cor is pretty much a non-character past Chapter 3 or so, and that a showdown between Gladiolus and Ravus never really happens. (Here’s your cue to google “Chekhov’s gun”) The only scenes that seem to work well are the guys around a campfire — they’re scenes that bookend the Episode. It’s no wonder, as the bond between the four dudes was the only element of FFXV’s story that I felt delivered. Why? It was consistently and thoughtfully built over the course of the game, unlike everything else.

Are these dialogue wheels necessary?

At the camps littered throughout the cave system you explore, you’ll get a brief respite with Cor where they chat a little bit about the situation. I rolled my eyes when the pointless dialogue wheel came up each time, the only options were for Cor to proceed or to essentially end the conversation. I mean… we have a cutscene skip option right?

The hook of the combat is intended for you to think practically and carefully, as barging around or button-mashing will get you killed quickly — defending and countering are especially important. That all crumbles when you’re forced to negotiate with large groups of enemies or trying to feel out Gladio’s moves. Menial enemies don’t offer much of a challenge aside from swarming you. This is the combat at its most tedious, as Gladio feels way too unwieldy to do much other than turtle up or just smash around recklessly.

I understand the idea of wanting to preserve some of his combat style for this episode, but it just doesn’t work here at all. Often, reacting to tells was a bit of a crap shoot depending on how fast Gladio’s animations could keep up rather than mastering the timing of something. It’s a bit frustrating having learned how to deal with a certain attack, then mysteriously fail the tell. As much as I hate using the word “clunky,” I think it’s an apt description here.

This is where things get messy.

The bosses don’t really have much going on either. Half of them obfuscate tells with a slew trash mobs for you to fumble around, while others have basic attacks you’ve seen many times before in the XV. Also like XV: the camera suffers in critical situations, and there were many times where an autonomous, misbehaving swivel caused by hitting an invisible wall sent everything out of sight. It doesn’t help that this is especially problematic in the final fight, which takes place on a narrow “bridge.”

Episode Gladiolus’s take on Gilgamesh is quite different, perhaps his first “serious” cameo in the franchise’s history. I’ve heard some of the griping about this, but I’m down for new interpretations of familiar things; it’s kind of what this series does.

The main course took me less than an hour to complete, and while the short runtime isn’t a bad thing necessarily, it still feels like it squanders what could have been a way more polished experience with regard to encounter design. Luckily, if you do jive with Episode Gladiolus, there’s some post-game stuff including a Score Attack mode (get 500,000 points to unlock shirtless Gladio for XV) and an extra trial against Cor.

I mentioned before that we know that Episode Prompto and Episode Ignis will offer different experiences than Episode Gladiolus, so I’m hoping the XV team can take a look at Gladio’s shortcomings and inject a bit more care into upcoming ones. That, and build more on what already worked in FFXV’s story: the bond between friends.


  • New tracks and arrangements from Keiichi Okabe are quite good.
  • The play area’s quite pretty; I enjoyed the art direction.


  • The story adds very little to the overall to Final Fantasy XV, a bit limp on its own too.
  • Combat is unwieldy, menial encounter designs feel pointless, none of the bosses have interesting mechanics.
  • Using the camera is a frequent struggle and will often work against you in critical moments.
  • I’m all for short and sweet, but this one’s just short. Even then, some encounters feel like padding.
  • darling

    You pretty much nailed my opinion on this DLC. I was reaaally looking forward for the Story with Cor and for Gilgamesh himself.
    It was way too short and Gilgamesh was kinda boring. He didn’t even had his japanese Voice of Nakai Kazuya like in the other games… and we still didn’t got a version of Yoko’s Battle on the Bridge, what a shame…

    I hope square reads some of the feedback of this DLC and makes it better for Prompto and especially Ignis

  • James Stine

    My biggest problem from what I’ve seen out of this DLC is that the combat doesn’t punish you in any areas.

    You can hold down Guard and it doesn’t punish you for how fast it refills.
    If you don’t play safe, none of the enemies will punish you for being too risky.
    The big attacks trivialize the boss fights.
    The game blatantly tells you when an attack is going to be unblockable which ruins any sort of skill in determining whether or not something will be blockable or not.

    In no way does this DLC try to encourage any sort of skilled playstyle. It’s just a different form of battle system while not trying to add any sort of real strategic value into the system. That’s why instead of having a skill mode, it has a score mode. The only way to extend the playability of this DLC isn’t through skill, it’s through how fast you can blitz through it.

    You can tell this DLC was heavily inspired by the playstyle of something like Dark Souls, yet it fails to do any of the things that Dark Souls does right. This DLC should NOT be that difficult, but it should at least try to punish the player. This makes the combat extremely unrewarding and leaves no hook to keep you going. Only the boss fights become more engaging, and even then, they still don’t offer any real sort of challenge.

    Ultimately, this DLC just doesn’t feel worth it in my opinion. Not only is the story really bland and add no real characterization to Gladio or any long standing effects into the main story, the gameplay itself is lackluster and just makes me want to play better action games instead.

  • Aulix Indragonz

    after this dlc i finally made up my mind and i can safely say this game is beyond saving
    i don’t think the other 2 character dlc will help much, i will still play it though
    the only way they can at least make people a bit happier(which i think is unlikely that they will do it) for me is to add an expansion where we can go to the other countries like niflheim,solheim,tenebrae and explore them fully and do quest, be it side or main other than that then yeah this game won’t be something special

  • Eyoi

    I’ve seen people raving about the DLC but I don’t see it at all. I mean it’s what you expect for $5. It isn’t the most extraordinary piece of DLC story nor the worst for its price. It gives me a similar feeling to the end-game dungeons where it’s just a hallway of enemies except they’ve thrown in a bit of backstory of Cor which is literally Cor’s only backstory in the entire game and you can only get it through buying DLC. I know they’ve gone a different route with Gilgamesh and he looks cool but it simply isn’t Gilgamesh. You would think if he’s been down here for 2000 years, they would at least think of adding any books, tablets or anything readable that can officially explain the backstory. I wouldn’t say it’s too short if you consider its price.

    The only exceptional thing I can really say about the DLC is although the Battle on Big Bridge heavily deviates from the original, all of the tracks are still fantastic.

  • With all the new JRPGs coming out this year, FFXV has already become a distant memory. Unfortunately it had it’s time to shine but turned out to be fool’s gold when compared to the likes of Zelda, Persona 5, Nier, Gravity Rush 2, or even Kingdom Hearts 2.8. I used to argue that turn-based is a thing of the past and that it wouldn’t look good on the new games but apparently cool graphics and fast battles are not what’s necessary to create a good RPG. I guess the VII remake is already doomed then, eh?

  • Luke Watts

    I’m sorry, well I’m not really.. But anyone who didn’t see this coming is just completely f&*ing retarded and your opinions on the matter are mute.

    This game. Is shit. End of Discussion.

  • Eyoi

    You can’t say remake is doomed just based on one game without actually seeing how the game plays. I agree with NieR, another one of Square’s game absolutely outclasses XV in every conceivable aspect apart from music which is probably equal. And it does it with a lower budget, lower development time and most likely a smaller team.

  • Luke Watts

    I would not say the remake is doomed… If anything, this game finally being recognized as a fucking joke will only enhance the likelihood that FFVIIR will be good. The more negative realizations drawn to 15, the better we will be with 7.

  • Breathless

    THANK YOU. Here I thought I was alone with questioning the inclusion of the dialogue wheels, but apparently I’m not the only one who found them superfluous. Here I thought I was alone thinking this new Gilgamesh isn’t bad, since reinventing characters is pretty much what FF does, it’s good to see others bringing this up too.

    FUNCTIONAL is also a really good word, especially for the story of this DLC, which couldn’t even be a bigger cliché – big bulky warrior needs to get stronger, bah. Like, it’s there, but did they even try? Certainly doesn’t feel so, and for a FF game to fail on story and characters AGAIN, well… it just doesn’t feel right. There isn’t even a hint of a twist in it.

    If at least the battles and gameplay were better – I could overlook the score trial. However, when the increase in difficulty means simple arbitrary measures (scarcity of potions, no items/gear/skills from the main game, no HP regen, no controlling Cor even when he’s there, level lock – is that level number even necessary?, no resting/saving in the score mode), and the only challenges are presented by a bad camera… I dunno, topless Gladio or not, I’m not really keen on repeating the experience, it was neither fun, nor engaging enough. But hey, maybe the devs have been aware, and that’s exactly the reason why we don’t have more unlockables for the main game.

    It’s like the DLC isn’t a disappointment, because this is exactly the level/amount of stuff we can expect from a DLC of this price. But the fact that the letdowns are pretty much the same as they were in the main game – I think it’s safe to assume that most of us HOPED for a sliver of light, the tiniest bit of ANYTHING that would indicate a “learning from the mistakes” or “trying harder” kind of attitude… none of which can be felt in Episode Gladiolus. Which is probably a much worse disappointment than the DLC on its own can be.

    Add to this that Ch13v2 pretty much IS a sort of an alternative “free” version of this, with the very same battle system and “difficulty increase” and sense of functionality, just even shorter… One that actually displays an ad for Episode Gladio at the end, even if the thing is already installed (and completed) on the same system. It’s damn near borderline offensive.

  • Noctis

    Of course its a let down people what did you expect?

    The story was ended with Noctis…..what else is there to tell after that depressing story?

  • Episode Prompto and Episode Ignis should hopefully be worth the wait because the story impact of both are quite vital to experience as far as the games main story (What exist of it in the final game) goes. Episode Gladio was bound to end up being a hit or miss from the start because it wasn’t necessary to make and depending on how they handled it would determine it’s fate. Unfortunately, it felt more rushed than the main game and beyond short with a weak story. Gilgamesh didn’t even seem like Gilgamesh. IS IT TRULY THAT HARD TO FUCKING DESIGN HIM TO LOOK EACH OF HIS OTHER ITERATIONS? Granted he looked most different in FF9 but he didn’t have a big role like his other appearances.

    For a game that points so much hate towards XIII and aims to correct said games mistakes, the one thing I can say that XIII did good on was getting Gilgamesh right. smh.

  • Luke Watts

    Don’t hold your breath…

  • Patrick Bateman

    to all the people surprised and saying it’s short….while I COMPLETELY AGREE….just remember the price for this single DLC and the Season Pass in general lol anyone expecting a bigger DLC for that price is crazy.

    just sayin

    ( totally agree with all of the good and bad things people have to say, just I’m personally not at all surprised by the size or quite honestly the quality )

  • James Stine

    Why would VII Remake be doomed? Based on what?

  • a.mubher

    By what standard? None of these games will match XV level of success most likely. the game has a wide appeal. That is a fact. Of course the game has some problems but that is a personal opinion and will never determine the market appeal.

  • Kyle

    I actually agree with quite a few things here, but disagreements are not off the table. They did a great job displaying the personality of Cor Leonis. I have a far better understanding of him now. FFXV just didn’t do him justice. He’s not much of a talker but his personality is weaved in throughout the combat episode, thankfully we will get more dialogue from future DLC… aka Prompto.

    There were times where I thought the combat was weak, and on paper it is; it’s kinda buggy even. You will actually struggle swinging your sword if your nearby an item (item drops being a terrible design choice for this DLC) while fighting your opponents. Another design flaw is that the blindside mechanic doesn’t seem accurate at all, I was performing by the meta’s rules to get one and I didn’t more often than not.

    Surprisingly, even with its flaws you can still enjoy it. The brutality and fluidity of Gladio’s swing is pretty bad ass; he’s a big relentless brute and you have another bamf right there with you… and Cor Leonis actually helps. He has high damage output against the enemy. The game isn’t exactly easy either, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a hard mode… though getting 1,000,000 is quite the task — you really have to get a solid grasp of the parry system to get that score.

    The Cor Leonis fight is worth a paragraph at least on its own. Before this the hardest boss in FFXV was a fish. Cor is definitely worth fighting as a side showdown after beating the main quest. He’s certainly a harder fight than Gilgamesh (although that fight looks spectacular).

    I will give some advice now: learn to parry, realize that when Cor is glowing red he intends to kill you and will break your guard with guaranteed damage, you lack potions and phoenix down, sometimes even being good at parrying doesn’t mean a guaranteed follow up hit as Cor is fast as hell. The fight does a good job of highlighting Cor’s skill in combat.

    To me, I didn’t expect this DLC to be the best, it was announced as a $5 DLC and it at least offers enough to warrant that. It’s actually quite cool to me that I can play an alternative piece to this game in a totally different perspective… this type of format is uncommon with the games I typically play. The biggest letdown for me is that I carried over two or three unlockable items to the main game. The free carnival offered more than that! Even an item that says it was a trophy would have been nice touch.

  • Jintae

    and I’m sitting here, being the complete noob I am, struggling in the battle with Cor. I seriously lose everytime he is on about 10% health and wrecks me up, lol.
    The music is top notch. The music I’ve heard in NieR: Automata was beautiful and these tracks are on the same level! So good! Although the battle theme reminds me of the old Ninja Gaiden, lol.

  • Carl Michael Lagatuz

    There’s a pattern that you can exploit on his attacks. Keep blocking if he’s in consecutive attacks to gain more Rage for high attack damages, if he’s charging try to counter his attack to make him staggered…if you see word VULNERABLE that’s the chance to use Glaive Arts such as Razor Edge or Tempest (any will do) then have a distance between you and him. If he’s on red, it’s time to run or use curative items. Avoid spamming attacks on him if he’s color red. You can’t block if he’s red.

  • PvP4FFXV

    All I wanted from this dlc was to use my Force Stealer with Gladdy, and I couldn’t even do that.

  • alef321

    only in size, quality is far better than the actual game.

    all they had to do was allow Gladio to get level, use the new skill and be controlled on the open world and Cor also join the party with levels.

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasted potential as everything within this game.

    and we really need a hardmode.

  • alef321

    god please no, this is the thing that is most pissing me off about the whole XV deal

    ”just wait feedback and fix the next thing”
    how about they get it RIGHT from the get go?

  • Kaizen カイゼン

    The worst Final Fantasy game ever. FFXIII is better and you know it.

  • 2me

    Gaming companies help us cure game addiction. Applause

  • 2me

    They probably know their game version design is looking shitty, noting like one from either trailers.

  • Ulises

    It can only be a let down if your expectations were high, which is hard after playing the actual game…

  • Morgan

    While I haven’t completely finished the DLC, I love what I’ve played so far. I love the little story touches and the mention of Gladiolus’ father. I mean did you expect a full in depth back story for Cor and 20 hours of content in a little $5 DLC. Lol. Grow up and have reasonable expectations.
    This website has become a place to worship FFXIV and hate on FFXV to the extreme. Nitpicking at it’s every flaw.

  • King Zeus


  • Wazi the pa

    Hey guys, I’m all for debates and discussions, but please try to keep things civilized. Thanks.

  • Gabriel Hage

    Are you kidding, right?

  • Gabriel Hage

    I do not understand what difficulty Square Enix has to let us play with other characters in the normal game. After we finish Chapter 15 and do all the Menace Dungeons we should have the possibility to play with whoever we want. Even have the option to remove everyone from the party and choose only 1 character to do solo hunts / solo dungeons.

    Really Square Enix, what’s your problem?

  • Kyle

    Does this mean you will stop posting here since you are wasting your time anyway?

  • Kyle

    I played this game without looking online for opinions, and I’m glad I did; because personally these people are a drag. I loved it, and I haven’t enjoyed a Final Fantasy game since X or X2. Never looking in the comments here again lol because the FF community is not something I’m interested in.

    Not like I’m going to see any of the naysayers in my SINGLE PLAYER game anyway.

  • xMysticx

    you are a sad of a person yo can pretend its good game all long but , it doesnt dismiss that this game is pale of shit

  • Vallen

    I actually set myself up with the right mindset going in. Think about it, the DLC is $4.99, the price tag told us it’ll be very short. For what it was, that being a small new area and boss, I think it was alright. I just wish they incorporated this into the game’s story rather than a separate mode.

  • Some Random Guy

    But if you tally it up tho. Is £15 really only worth 3 hours of story? Doesn’t wicher have a £10 DLC that gives you 9 hours?

  • gfhyn540

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  • Luke Watts

    Ha. No.

  • Kyle

    @xmysticx:disqus come back when you learn to spell and edit, but I would expect someone of your intelligence to agree with someone like Luke Watts. So point proven there.

    @disqus_ywAGAyTLss:disqus is not a real man the way I see it. I could judge someone for wearing DC, I could judge someone for wasting their time calling other people retarded for enjoying their hobby.

    Maybe the mods will delete the comment, but I see it as unacceptable behavior from an individual that should know better.

  • Patrick Bateman

    what? what £15? Episode Gladio is only $4.99 USD lol is this DLC really only an hour? did you rush through it?

  • •december

    Why not? Do you know how important the story impact for Episode Ignis will be? I think you’re misunderstanding, plenty of us enjoyed Episode Gladiolus, it was just crummy how short it was; how little lore was explained and little exploration. I didn’t get my hopes up for story sure because it was explained that Prompto and Ignis would feature heavily on this.

    Not to say Episode Gladiolus wasn’t entertaining, hack and slash/Arcade style just isn’t my thing, but for a lot of people it is!

  • Yuntu

    Yeah they clearly said Gladiolus is gonna be gameplay focused and Prompto will be mostly focused on the narrative, so I hope they keep that idea. (they havnt actually talked about Ignis yet)

  • Casper

    FFXV Jack of All trades master of none

  • PvP4FFXV

    I actually like the current design better. But it’s defn a little undersized for my liking. It’ll be perfect if it was as big as the Hardedge/War Sword. I’m more bummed out at the redesign of the Claymore/Iron Duke. The Versus XIII version looks waayyy better.


  • xMysticx

    your retardation is on another level
    are FFXV fan mentally retarded like you ?

    word of advice all of you FFXV should go to mental hospitals to check in you weather you all lost it or not

  • 2me

    not sure why they deleted my reply, probably the link.

    That’s previous design of current claymore design

    Force Stealer came from those two trailers.
    FINAL FANTASY XV ジャンプフェスタ2015 トレーラー

    (If you are intreseted, another type of greatsword is also presented in the same 2013 trailer, check what Gladiolous hold)

  • It was so disappointed with this DLC Episode.

    I went through this it rather quickly. It’s way too easy. The slightly different battle mechanic isn’t interesting or fun enough to even matter. Oh, and the score attack or whatever it’s called was a terrible way to get you to re-play the entire thing again.

    The final trial was even easier than Gilgamesh. Having the final trial as a separate selectable item in the main menu was strange. Why couldn’t it have occurred after the credits?

    The whole thing felt unnecessary. I really wanted to like it. I hope that the other episodes are better than this. 🙁

  • •december

    Episode Kenny looks great.

  • Noreneelafever

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  • xMysticx

    come back when you all shake off FFXV trash off of you
    im on mobile so i make mistakes you grammar nazis

  • Dod

    I’m not sure what kind of message Square Enix is trying to deliver to Final Fantasy fans, but it might include the word “lazy”.

  • Tizmah

    No, it’s true sadly. And I hated 13.

  • •december

    It’s still remarkable how the #1 site for FFXV related news, well I think novacrystallis is, just slammed Episode Gladiolus. It’s true how lazy it’s all appearing, on one side: FFXV is getting marketed through the roof with all these gimmicks and spin-off games, but on the other side dedicated Dev team are working their asses off to deliver some additional content to a game Tabata still trying to classify as a complete product lol. I think we all had high expectations as FF series has always given us so much all in one package, instead of in installments…

  • Justice V

    I haven’t been able to beat the final trial yet, though Gil was pretty easy and beat him my first time.

  • gabrieuTG

    XIII is the best!

  • gabrieuTG

    Reading people defending this DLC *cringe*

  • •december

    Episode Gladiolus was very nice at best, but It should have been part of the main game.
    Clearly this game was unfinished. Why does Tabata chat so
    much shıt – I love the game but he needs to admit its faults, man.
    There’s nothing complete about the version of FFXV that came on the
    disc… That’s why, the dev team needed more time, thats why the game
    was delayed from September 30th to November 29th; that’s why fans who
    enjoyed the game and hated the game both criticize it’s lack of

  • I don’t quite understand the ultimate point of these DLC expansions. Given that there is really nothing being done to the actual game world itself, like new dungeons or story content, what’s the point? Why not make a genuine major upgrade to the game itself that makes people want to play it again? Why not finish the freaking World of Ruin or something tangible…

    This DLC content should have been included in the main story, I agree. It’s incredible how rushed a game Final Fantasy XV was, something that is almost an oxymoron given it was in development for a freaking decade…

  • •december

    Those things take time lol.
    For the game being out for 4 months now, the amount of updates they’ve accomplished is pretty impressive. There is no FFXV version 2.0 yet if you’ve noticed it’s only been v1.07 etc

  • Dod

    Please stop polishing Square Enix’s name at every turn, sometimes it’s wise to admit they did fuck up, it happens.
    The amount of updates isn’t impressive at all because there’s nothing conclusive into them. If they did update the game just once with a considerable amount of new content for the main game, I would agree with you, but when I see people working their ass off for 5 months and deliver this – a 45 mins DLC and 15 mins Chapter 13 “rework” – I’m starting to see they don’t really care about anything but graphics and money.

    Let’s just be real for once and stop praising them for this.
    We need to speak out and tell them how wrong they are to get a chance to set things right, or else nothing will ever change.

  • Luke Watts

    Been making this point since ground-0.
    Well said.

  • Luke Watts

    Are there figures anywhere on this? On the amount of people who actually bought it? would love to see them..

  • •december

    I’m not praising shit I’m being realistic which was like I said: for them to update the game once with a considerable amount of updates wouldn’t that take a long time???

    I already shut down Episode Gladiolus for being ‘nice’ at best so

  • WTGHookshot

    Well then, prepare to be disappointed with the future of Final Fantasy (and Square-Enix) as the president just announced today that they will be having more and more games follow the FFXV model of releasing the game and then supporting it over time with consistent updates and DLCs.

  • WTGHookshot

    Um, they are bringing that to the game eventually. The thing is, each character has a very different style of gameplay, so they are taking a while to implement creating those gameplay styles. That’s what these episodes are for. After all the episodes are released, a multiplayer DLC is being released and you can play as any of the 4 characters.

  • Gabriel Hage

    I bought season pass waiting for it to happen. I hope you’re right!

  • •december

    That’s old news, don’t think much of it

  • Broadwick

    XV is light years better than XIII, for sure.

  • gabrieuTG

    The only problem 13 had was the linearity. But it was still fun!

  • Nayame Prado

    that feature never have been mentioned or even officially speculated by SE. Source?

  • Games Das

    Busy playing Nier Automata.This DLC never looked worth downloading from the reviews.

  • Jesus Christ

    “Final Fantasy XV’s new “Episode Gladiolus” DLC is a bit of a let-down”

    LOL Well good thing I ain’t the reviewer.