Here’s a look at the new features in Dragon Quest Heroes II By Tony Garsow on April 29, 2017 at 4:10 PM

Dragon Quest Heroes II is now available in all regions for PlayStation 4 and Steam, and with it comes some brand-new features. In the video below, we run down all the major additions. Take a look:

Monster Medals
When you defeat a monster in battle, it has a chance of dropping a Monster Medal based on its likeness. This time around, you can use them in three different ways: Saviours leap in and execute a special move before they disappear, Sentries will fight alongside you until your health runs out and are best used to defend targets, and Substitutes will let you temporarily transform into a monster and use their various attacks.

Tag Tricks
Tag Tricks are cooperative attacks that can be executed by opening the ability palette and executing a character switch (hold R1 and press L2 for PlayStation players.) The next character will leap into your place and execute a move for a reduced amount of MP.

Marked and Powerful Monsters
Monsters with a “WANTED!” notice above their heads are worth extra experience and have better item drops, but you’ll need to be cautious as they are stronger than their counterparts. When challenged, certain special monsters will be fought in an enclosed arena where there is no escape on foot nor with the Zoom spell. These guys are pretty tough so you’ll want to be extra prepared before you callenge them.

Enhancing and Grinding Down Accessories
Back in Accordia, the game’s hub, you’ll be able to enhance the accessories you collect by melding them with ingredients you find on your travels. While this was also in the first Heroes, the upgrade process is a bit different. Instead of random properties, each accessory has a skill tree where you’ll need upgrade each node with items. To reach the highest potential, you may need to grind down duplicate accessories to obtain their powder. The more you power up an accessory, the more powder you will receive by grinding them down.

At the trading counter, you’ll be able to interact with various NPCs who are looking to barter various items with you. Not only is it a good way to collect some harder-to-find items, but you can also save various trade requests if you want to fulfill them at a later time.

Only Teresa and Lazarel can change their vocations in Dragon Quest Heroes, and this can be done at the Vocations counter in Accordia or when you are out of battle in certain situations. Five different vocations are available: Warrior, Martial Artist, Mage, Priestess, and Thief, all replete with their own abilities and weapon proficiencies.

Proficiencies and Party Powers
Weapon proficiency will allow you to learn new skill based on the weapon each character has equipped. To earn proficiency, you must use attacks and skills in battle. Next, speak to the martial artist in Accordia, who will then bestow new skills based on your proficiency levels. He will also bestow upon you party skills, which are buffs that affect your whole group, such as: Critical Faculties, which increases the chance for critical hits, “Monster Wrangler,” which increases the strength of Monster Minions, and “Boogie Knights,” which increases your Tension buildup while suffer dancing under a negative status effect.

Changing Costumes and Transforming Weapons
You’ll be able to change Teresa and Lazarel’s outfits with the float-o-copier in Accordia. If you have a Dragon Quest Heroes save file, you’ll be able to unlock Luceus and Aurora’s outfits automatically. Transforming weapons will allow you to keep a powerful weapon, but imbue it with the image of another.

Online Gameplay
At the Quester’s Rest in Accordia, you can access the online components of the game (some will require the use of PlayStation Plus.) Here you can use the Dimensional Delve to enter randomly-generated maps solo, or help other players do so. These are dungeons that contain various monsters and several floors. You will also be able to use a matchmaking service to connect with other players as you play the game, so there’s no worry about sitting on your hands while you wait. You’ll also be able to recruit other players to help you progress through the game’s story battles, or help others who have reached out.

Dragon Quest Heroes II is now available for PlayStation 4 and Steam. You can read our review here.