Edge 314 will have a Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Edition By Chelsi Laire on October 31, 2017 at 1:07 PM

Now available for pre-order, Edge 314 celebrates the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy through a special world-exclusive feature with Square Enix’s senior development staff from across Final Fantasy history, to bring us the whole story of the one of the most long-running and best-selling series in games. It will be on sale on December 8 and is expected to be dispatched on December 19.

The slipcase contains 15 copies of Edge 314 with 15 separate covers, one for each mainline entry in the series, showcasing rare artwork from different renowned artists who have contributed to Final Fantasy over the years.

The selection to be sent to subscribers and retailers will be randomized. The supplies for the special FF30th edition are limited, so don’t forget to pre-order if you want them all.

Edge 314 Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Edition