Battle Final Fantasy series summons as bosses in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT By Tony Garsow on December 22, 2017 at 11:49 PM

One feature in the upcoming Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is the ability to challenge classic Final Fantasy summons as boss battles in 3-on-1 bouts. In normal matches, summons can be unleashed against the enemy party by amassing energy obtained from destroying crystals. Not only do they blanket the battlefield with destructive attacks, but they provide useful buffs that start to tip the scales in the later parts of a match.

In the video below, courtesy of Famitsu, you can check out Final Fantasy XIV‘s Y’shtola lead a party against Ifrit, and Final Fantasy XIII‘s Lightning against Odin.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT releases on January 30th, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

  • alef321

    the game has zero mechanics and all you can do is a normal brave attack in various shapes and form that result in
    -nothing but brave damage
    -wall crush
    if you wall crush the enemy it’s a free HP attack 100% of the times ,and that’s the game , every single character plays the same with the only different thing being animations and costumes.
    the game has lootboxes
    you’ll need season pass for more characters (including duodecim ones)
    story mode are just cutscenes and to watch them you need to farm coins on singleplayer arcade mode.
    lootboxes drops the usual :
    -recolors skins and weapons
    -tons of trash

    no 1vs1
    maps are small and have zero interactibles with tons of invisible walls (the fricking PSP had bigger maps)
    and that’s just a few of the examples on how square killed the franchise forever.

  • devidation

    Good, the game will be better off without you anyway.

  • One Eco

    Then don’t fucking play. Oh my gawd, this kind of people are why the old part of this fanbase is considered as annoying.

  • devidation


  • alef321

    it’s a video game brah, no one will suck you off for white knighting it.

  • devidation

    Haha, you’re the one crying about a “video game” brah, so salty. You can criticize games all you want, but then have the decency to do it without trash talking.

  • alef321

    being rude and loud is the only way of being noticed by companies ,and I’m done with you , holy shit

  • devidation

    Bye felicia

  • One Eco

    By the way, there’s a lot of things wrong on your “list of the shit”.
    Inform yourself better next time!

  • Randy Marsh

    It is impressive how much wrong you just wrote in this, like almost everything you wrote was just false stupidity in its finest form. Most likely you did this just to get yourself attention, hoping to pick a fight with everything you just said.

    You realize you writing a whole list of stuff on a game you already had the intent to hate and then posting it in the comment section on a website full of Final Fantasy fans just shows how insecure you actually are in real life? I mean just saying my dude.

    Many others, including myself, lack interest towards this game or have certain problems with the gameplay in some fashion, but man at least we don’t prattle and shove it people’s faces like an insecure child on the internet trying to prove themselves as non-conformist.

  • Gloria

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  • Justice V

    Can’t really say they killed the franchise forever. I currently don’t see this one even coming close to the quality Duodecim had other than visually, but it’s not really a franchise killing move. If they don’t make any more Dissidia’s after this then sure maybe it killed the franchise, or maybe they just ran out of desire to make more. If they continue to make more but also continue to make them worse and worse then sure once again this might have marked the beginning of the end. But if they make another one and put back in everything they took out from Duodecim then it wasn’t really the death of the franchise. This one’s biggest detriment was it was made as an arcade 3v3 brawler first so all the bits that are being added to the PS4 version is already making them feel like they’re adding in a lot of stuff, but missing the fact that home players are losing most of what they liked about the originals.

    Once it comes out and fans voice their opinions maybe they’ll realize what people want more of. And who knows maybe the vast majority of people actually like this forced multiplayer 3v3 aspect of the game whereas I only really like 1v1 and especially 1vAI in story mode.