Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Developers provide hints to six new DLC characters By Raptorchan on January 10, 2018 at 6:41 PM

During the final live stream event for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT before its release in Japan, the development team shared some hints on the six new DLC characters coming with the game’s Season Pass.

Here is the list of hints provided and which half of the numbered Final Fantasy games the new characters are from:

  • New male character (from new half)
  • New male character (from old half)
  • New female character (from new half)
  • New male character (from new half)
  • Female character who previously appeared in Dissidia Final Fantasy series (from new half)
  • New male character (from new half)

Fans are guessing that the fifth character listed could be Final Fantasy X’s Yuna, who appeared in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, or Final Fantasy XI’s Prishe, who appeared in both Dissidia 012 and Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia.

The developers also revealed during the live stream that each DLC character will be available individually for 800 ten, plus tax. The Season Pass will be a pack of all six characters for 4000 yen, plus tax. The Season Pass will also include two color variations and two weapons for all six characters.

You can check out the live stream in its entirety below.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is scheduled to release for Playstation 4 on January 11 2018 in Japan, and in America and Europe on January 30 2018.



  • flower234

    So no Tifa? I guess I get to save money then

  • Jesse Smith

    Dissidia NT stands for No Tifa

  • MistwalkerKilyK

    I wish they would release Rinoa as a playable character. I’ve always been fond of the girl and I hope she receives some love from the developers. (Also, I can see myself punching Sephiroth and every other bad guy with the dog Angelo. That would be a very fun thing to see!)

  • stevenm281

    Maybe the 2nd character is from 7 and that is why they are not adding Tifa.. could be Barret?

  • at the soup store

    [screeches ‘add caius’ from the hilltops]
    do it you cowards

  • at the soup store

    i like that title to be honest

  • at the soup store

    Rinoa definitely needs some love! Between no Dissidia and no Kingdom Hearts, she’s really been getting left out 🙁

  • at the soup store

    When it says “half”, what does that mean? At first I thought it meant new vs returning character, but then it says “female character who previously appeared” (which I hope is Yuna or Prishe btw)…?

    EDIT: Nevermind I think I get it lol

  • stevenm281

    My guesses:

    1- Caius
    2- Barret
    3- Quistis, Fran, Fang or Aranea
    4- Ardyn
    5- Yuna as gunner
    6- Auron, Wakka, or Balthier

  • Codes McGodes

    What is defined by “half”? 15 doesn’t divide evenly, so that could mean either 1-7 and 8-15, or 1-8 and 9-15. I’d guess the former if I had to.

    My guess though is that they’re gonna fill out the remaining villain slots, since the roster is currently 17 heroes vs 10 villains. I mean, if four characters are coming from the new half, that would easily cover 11, 12, 13 and 14. In which case my guesses would be:

    1 – Kam’lanaut (XI)
    2 – Minwu (II)
    3 – Nael Van Darnus (XIV)
    4 – Vayne (XII)
    5 – Yuna (X)
    6 – Dysley (XIII)

    They definitely could bring back Prishe (XI), but I would be surprised if two of the six characters were from FFXI. I think Yuna’s more popular anyway, and the heroine of her own story (X-2). Ardyn (XV) is also a possibility, but if they are in fact rounding out four more villains, I think it’s more likely they’d do 11-14 since Noctis was a late addition.

  • One Eco

    It’ 1-7 and 8-15. It was confirmed during the stream.

  • One Eco

    You forgot about one detail: Nomura confirmed that the first one is a VILLAIN.

  • Alter Ego

    I seriously doubt that Dysley will be one. How would that even work?

  • What about Gilgamesh

  • eijin_kiver

    I wish Ardyn put in. Not just playable only, but true mastermind behind Spiritus. 😀

  • Codes McGodes

    How would it not? He can fly, he has a shit ton of magic spells, and if they decide to bring back Ex Bursts he could turn into Barthandelus.

  • Daniel

    What about more characters from spin-offs titles, huh, Square?

  • One Eco

    He won’t come this year.

  • One Eco

    So sorry, but EX Burst are more dead than Cleopatra’s mummy.

  • Codes McGodes

    I don’t expect them to return. But that’s how Barthandelus could have been incorporated. Without Ex Bursts, Dysley could still borrow moves from Barthandelus to round out his moveset.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Female character who previously appeared in Dissidia Final Fantasy series (from new half).
    I bet this is Yuna!

  • Artemis Polara

    I still argue Dysley would be a wasted slot since his combat style and character in general are subpar. I’d prefer Caius over him any day, he’s got more interesting options for combat and a better character all around.
    I will be highly disappointed if they pick Dysley ever for this game.

  • Jaken

    I knew i was missing something from this game.
    Well, the lack of moves and control over the move customization is allready a no go for me. So skip i guess

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Theatrhythm has used Cid Raines as a XIII villain but not Dysley, yet.

  • Codes McGodes

    Just because they add Dysley doesn’t mean they couldn’t add Caius too. Idk why people take such issue with Dysley. Yeah, he’s kind of a dull villain, but so is Garland. So is Cloud of Darkness. Luneth had a personality but we got Onion Knight instead because he was from the original FFIII. But they were all added so that each game could have full representation for one hero and one villain. I don’t know why they would do that for every game but FFXIII.

  • Codes McGodes

    This is true. They could add any villain they want from FFXIII be it Cid, Yaag or Dysley. Personally I think Cid would be a dumb choice since he’s barely even a villain. But I’d just like to see them add a villain for each game at all.

  • Artemis Polara

    Well I’ll hit you with the cynical edge then. Dysley isn’t popular at all and therefore isn’t marketable. The characters from the first 10 have a legacy behind them to subvert this. Dysley isn’t memorable enough nor has any real legacy or staying power. Cid Raine is kind of there so people could get behind that (even though the concept was done better with Ravus). And Caius is the most popular villain from the XIII trilogy.
    So yeah, Dysley is highly unlikely since there’s other characters within the trilogy and within the game itself which would be more appealing to their audience.
    Sure they’ll likely add Caius sooner or later due to popularity but they’ll likely count him for the XIII trilogy in general and exclude Dysley for that reason. Hell an argument can be made for XIII-3 Snow as a l’cie for a villain slot.

    Of course until everything is said and done, this is all speculation but I’d say my argument holds merit.

  • Codes McGodes

    Normally I would agree that Dysley/Cid/Yaag have no chance since as you said, they’re not popular characters. But what’s worth noting about Dissidia is how inclusive of a series it’s always been. Up until Dissidia, any sort of compilation title largely centered around their most current and most popular characters (Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Vincent, Squall, Seifer, Tidus, Wakka, etc). But Dissidia was the first game to go out of its way to give equal representation to each of the first ten Final Fantasies. They could have had Tifa instead of Cloud of Darkness but they didn’t. They could have had Vivi instead of Bartz, but they didn’t. They could have had Auron instead of Onion Knight but they didn’t. Even now, with all the new characters they’ve added through 012 and NT, not a single game has more than three characters. You say there was a legacy to the first few games, and there’s some truth to that but only to an extent. FFIII barely had any legacy at all, it hadn’t even been released outside of Japan until recently (at the time). Its cast of characters are more generic than arguably any other title save for FFI. I doubt anyone was saying “Gosh I hope they add these completely obscure characters”, and yet we still got the nameless, faceless, personality-less Onion Knight, and the generic “evil cuz we said so” entity that was the Cloud of Darkness. She doesn’t even have a name, she shows up solely for the final battle, and basically only appears in her green goddess form, but yet she was added anyway. They could have skipped her entirely but they didn’t because they wanted every game to have a hero, and every game to have a villain.

    COULD they choose Caius as FFXIII’s official villain? Of course they could. But it goes back to Luneth. They chose Onion Knight over Luneth because Luneth was not in the original FFIII. And I don’t see why they would choose Caius over a villain from FFXIII because he isn’t even IN FFXIII. I’ll agree that Caius has a VERY good chance of being added due to his popularity, but I don’t see why they should just pretend he was a part of a game that he wasn’t.

    You know who’s another good example actually? Vaan. Fucking NObody likes Vaan. He served virtually no purpose in FFXII, and most people find him average at best and annoying at worst. Balthier on the other hand is a massively popular character. Even people who hate FFXII think that Balthier is the best character. And Ashe is way more central to FFXII’s plot than either character. She’s more or less the star of the story. Yet which of these three characters was chosen for Dissidia? Vaan. Not the most popular character, not the most important character, but Vaan.

  • Artemis Polara

    Okay, firstly your examples about “vivi instead of bartz” or the others like that don’t work since those are unrelated games as opposed to Caius instead of Dysley since those are within the same subseries continuity.
    Also they added Gabranth instead of Vayne. Vayne being the obvious primary villain but instead they picked someone who most certainly wasn’t the main villain. (This can be an argument for Cid if you’re wondering) So there already is precedent for the exclusion of Dysley. Hell here we go: Golbez instead of Zeromus. Kuja instead of Necron. Hell technically Dysley/Barthandalus is technically only a piece of the final boss during certain stages. It’s technically Orphan who’s the final boss. (kind of a wasted boss anyway)
    About Vaan, he wasn’t even part of the original dissidia cast, they skipped him until the sequel/prequel game for a secondary antagonist.
    Also your arguments for characters mostly involve heroes. Let’s stick with villains, shall we?

    Edit: By the way I never said Cid or Yaag have no chance. I said Dysley has no chance.

  • Codes McGodes

    I’m talking about character choice in general and in general they’ve chosen way more heroes than villains (22 vs 12 by my count). And my argument of “Vivi over Bartz” is relevant because my whole point is that they’ve gone out of their way to fill out each game’s hero and villain slot instead of just sticking with fan favorites. If they had one slot left in the original Dissidia and they asked fans “Vivi or Bartz, who would you rather?” Vivi would have annihilated Bartz in the polls, but Bartz was chosen anyway because he completes the set. That is what I’m saying about Dysley. He may not be popular but he completes the set. Caius is just as you say, a villain within a subseries. He’s not present in the original FFXIII, so he’s technically not “main series” 1-15. They certainly could choose him to be XIII’s rep, but I wouldn’t say it’s a certainty. To Noneofyourbusiness’s point, Theatrhythm has added Cid, Snow, Vanille, Hope, Serah AND Noel, but not Caius yet. So even if they do choose a FFXIII-2 character, it might still not be Caius.

    Also, “being a Final Boss” really isn’t a factor. The ten original villains they chose were chosen because of two reasons: relevance to main plot and relevance to main character. Zemus is technically the main villain of FFIV (and imo should have been in Dissidia) but Golbez is the primary threat for the majority of the game. On top of that he shares a connection with Cecil directly. Kuja likewise is the main villain for the overwhelming majority of FFIX, and also shares a direct relationship with Zidane. Necron has virtually nothing to do with the plot and shows up for literally one battle out of nowhere, so even though he’s the final boss it would have made no sense whatsoever to use him over Kuja. Imo Xande should have been chosen over Cloud of Darkness in FFIII since he’s technically the main villain, but Xande and Cloud of Darkness both are fairly irrelevant and generic; both have only a single in-game appearance, and neither really add anything to the game. I assume they went with CoD out of familiarity (her fight is more infamous than Xande’s), and the fact that she’d add a much needed female character to the roster. Jecht is the only villain that seems out of place. But again, while Seymour is really more the main villain, Sin is the ever-present threat of FFX, and Sin is Jecht, and again Jecht has that personal relationship with Tidus.

    The fact that Caius has a personal relationship with Lightning could very well end up being the contributing factor that puts him in the game over Dysley. But I do not think they’re gonna use Caius over Dysley/Cid/Yaag solely because he’s more popular. Up to this point, the only character that’s been added due to sheer popularity is Shantotto (which, I’ve mentioned in other comment sections before but Shantotto really has no business being in Dissidia). Shantotto was allegedly the most popular character at the time of the original Dissidia and I think because so many people are unfamiliar with FFXI’s cast, they’ve just continued using her as people now associate FFXI with her. But Shantotto and Gabranth were both BONUS characters initially. They weren’t intended to be the official hero or villain of FFXI or FFXII; both were sort of neutral (Shantotto being a Chaotic Good turned Bad, Gabranth being a Lawful Bad turned Good). Notice how they didn’t make it a point to bring Gabranth back before Dissidia NT’s release. He may make his way back eventually, but if they are in fact planning on rounding out the villains of 11-14, I think they’re going to bring Vayne in for real.

    Also, I’d just like to say that although I keep defending Dysley specifically, my argument is moreso about adding Cid, Yaag, or Dysley over Caius. I just think between the three that Dysley makes the most sense since he is the ever present villain, central to the main conflict, frequently harasses the party, is ultimately responsible for the entire plot of the game, fights the party three times and participates in two of the three final battle phases. If they add someone from FFXIII specifically, Dysley just makes the most sense, popularity be damned. Cid and Yaag are both his pawns, and Cid is only a villain for like one second.

  • Artemis Polara

    A point about characters from the original 10, they had to put in a hero and villain for that. It fit for those. As for 012, they didn’t even add a villain slot but another hero for XI. XIII didn’t even get a villain despite being just released. As for XIII, I’d still argue Caius as a rep for XIII as a trilogy. Second I’d think Cid, then Yaag. Despite everything, have they ever bothered putting Dysley in any other media as a real rep of XIII? I checked and see him appearing in 3 other games and they weren’t the best representations of him. Kind of minor. You can argue that if they did put him in Dissidia, it could be a comeback. I highly doubt it though. Cid Raines has 9 appearances. So they do like using him more and if you wanted some sort of XIII purity, he’d be a more likely choice.
    Anyway as you stated, Caius has a personal relationship with Lightning and would be a more logical choice. Not to mention he’s still a more interesting and developed character. And to be frank, Dysley is boring. He’s a cackling twirling mustached villain who is completely obvious about his villainy it’s ridiculous no one would notice. When I first played it years back, my first reaction to hearing Dysley was “hey! it’s darth villain dude.”

    (Of course my friend argued it doesn’t matter who is picked, they’re all shit) (Side detail I felt like throwing in)
    Funny enough I do agree to that sentiment. (Though a lesser extend to Caius) He fits that more edge lord mantra that manages to sell. So while I’m probably repeating myself, Caius would still be a better and more logical choice. He may not have been in the original but he stands out better than the choices from the original.
    Side note: given they’re putting the heroes after their journeys, Yuna will likely be her X-2 version. (Which I’m fine with despite enjoying Yuna’s X combat style in 012) I’m not too worried about the purity of the numbered series in this regard.
    Anyway I’m not opposed to Cid or Yaag but I’m very much opposed to Dysley. I guess a point though is the earlier games can’t be held to the same bar that the newer ones have. Not in terms of quality but how things are chosen. (I expect Gabranth eventually to be re-added) Also if you’re going with them avoiding adding him back, they didn’t add Prishe, Yuna, Tifa, Gilgamesh, or Laguna back in either. If you argue, they’re 012 characters and therefore have less priority, then Kain has a point to be made there. This is a side point but the fact is they’re adding characters in not because of priority in the previous games.
    I still must state that marketing (as cynical as it is) is still a point here. Caius (And certainly Cid Raine) are much more appealing to the audience over Dysley. They won’t make choices who are: A- not interesting combat-wise, (Dysley is just another mage akin to the Emperor or Terra) (He won’t be able to use his true form) B- less appealing and therefore not as profitable. No matter how you spin it, you can’t argue that SE is about making money and they’ll pick characters that sell well. So for a XIII rep, Caius (for the trilogy) or Cid (for just XIII) sell WAY more than Dysley. Nothing about Dysley is appealing. (I know that’s subjective but overall the majority of people I’m sure agree with that)