Final Fantasy XV’s Version 1.21 update lets you spar with Aranea Highwind By Tony Garsow on February 1, 2018 at 9:51 PM

Final Fantasy XV Version 1.21 has a new, free update available tonight that includes the ability to spar with Aranea Highwind at a campsite (provided you’re beyond a certain point in the storyline.) You’ll finally be able to skip time forward to dawn or dusk at a campsite — useful for taking on hunt marks that only appear at night. Alessio has new items to trade for Oracle Ascension Coins in Altissia, and Ignis’s hair has been appropriately ruffled to match his outfit obtained from Episode Ignis.

The full list of updates come courtesy of the folks at r/FFXV, which can read below:

  • Version 1.21
    • Conclusion of the Assassin’s Festival
    • Inclusion of Aranea as a training partner at camp
    • Implementation of a standby option at camp to advance the time of day (“Wait until morning” or “Wait until nightfall”)
    • Addition of new items at Alessio’s trading post in Altissia (see below)
    • Introduction of new drills to the tutorial: Practice Tutorial
    • Fixed the hairstyle for the Episode Ignis crossover outfit (does not apply to Chapter 14 Ignis)
    • “Arts” category for Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto (applies to Character Swap)
    • Chapter 14 Tweaks (dialogue and textures)
    • The Assassin’s Festival’s Semur Skewers can be found somewhere in the world
    • Added dialogue
    • Various bug fixes

    Alessio’s New Items
    • Silver Ore: 2 Oracle Ascension Coins
    • Gold Ore: 2 Oracle Ascension Coins
    • Prismatic Shard: 2 Oracle Ascension Coins
    • Prismatic Ore: 3 Oracle Ascension Coins
    • Mystic Circlet: 60 Oracle Ascension Coins
    • Purified Salt: 60 Oracle Ascension Coins

In case you missed it, Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition now has a benchmark and specs to scope out, as well as retailer-exclusive pre-order bonuses. The game will alongside the Royal Edition on March 6th.