Orbonne Monastery from Final Fantasy Tactics to be the newest stage in Dissidia Final Fantasy By Tony Garsow on February 20, 2018 at 8:57 AM

Orbonne Monastery, which sets the opening scenes of Final Fantasy Tactics, is the next stage to be added to the arcade and console versions of Dissidia Final Fantasy. Square Enix debuted the stage on their latest broadcast — it’s delightfully rectangular, much like its original 2.5D appearance, and the weather will shift from sun to rain over time.

Arcade version players will get the stage first on February 22nd, and Dissidia Final Fantay NT players will get it some time in March.

Also from this morning’s broadcast: the next character in Dissidia Final Fantasy will be revealed next month. The character is male, a villain, and comes from a game between FF8 and FF15. They’ll be added to the Arcade version first, then NT a month later.

Check it out in the reveal trailer below.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available now on PlayStation 4 — check out our review here.

  • One Eco

    YAAAY, TACTICS’ STAGE!! I’m so happy!

    Although, most people won’t be happy about hearing that stage and character updates will appear on the Arcade one entire month before reaching NT. I kinda see why, but, yeah…

  • Codes McGodes

    As much as I can appreciate the odd throwback to outdated technology, I’m really put off by the hard cut edges of this stage…

    Moving on though, new male villain coming up, place ya bets!! I still stand by Kam’lanaut, Vayne, Dysley and Ardyn. My guess is going to Vayne if they’re not going in order. Seymour and Seifer could also be possibilities.

  • Justice V

    Stage kinda reminds me more of pap Dissidia. The lower poly-esque look is kinda cool.

  • Pleasance13

    Seems lazy.

  • One Eco

    Welp, we now he is male, villain, vanguard and from a game between the launchment of FF8 and FF15.

    – Although I think that the best villain that could represent XI is Lady Lilith, I must admit that the Zilart bros are also rather good choices, although I don’t think that Kam’lanaut could be a Vanguard…
    – I’m 100% sure that Galenth Dysley won’t be the villain rep of XIII, that role has been fulfilled by other two characters lately: if the villain needs to be from the original game, without a doubt it’s going to be Cid Raines (he is already the villain rep of XIII on Theatrhythm Arcade, Record Keeper, Pictlogica, Airborne Brigade and in the collab with Monster Strike); if the villain needs to be from the “XIII-logy” Caius Ballad is also a good option, heck IF they want to add a good, just add Bhunivelze in Hope’s puppet body, but not the shitty pope.
    – About XIV: it’s undoubtfully between Gaius and Zenos. Nael is a woman, so she doesn’t fill the criteria here.
    – I’m 90% sure that Ardyn won’t be the first SP character, right now his plausible moveset needs to be fleshed out, and in this task “Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn”.

  • Jolene

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  • Codes McGodes

    Oh I didn’t see them confirm him as a Vanguard. That limits the selection much more. I think that would make either Vayne or Zenos the most likely choice, so I’m sticking with Vayne. Further the fact that Gabranth is the only original Dissidia character yet to return it almost feels like they want to “set the record straight” with Vayne. In response to your thoughts though:

    XI – while I’d love to see Lilith added to the game, I feel it’s unlikely. I remember reading somewhere that Lilith is mostly popular within western audiences. So unless she’s added in as a female fighter for the sake of diversity, I think her inclusion this early is doubtful. Especially since they considered Kam’lanaut and Eald’narche for the original Dissidia to begin with. I think Kam or Eald are the most likely inclusions, unless they wanna go with Shadow Lord since he was the first villain in FFXI. And personally I think Kam is the best since he’s present within the original story, and much more of the classic “charisma” villain in Rise of the Zilart. Eald’Narche’s villainy just sort of sneaks in at the end and isn’t as well developed. Basically Kam’lanaut is Kuja but Eald’Narche is Necron.

    XIII- I accept that I’m the only one that thinks Dysley has a chance. And that’s fine. I do think they’ll choose a XIII villain before Caius, in which case Cid would be the most likely, loath as I am to admit. Idk why people like cid Raines though, he’s such a trash “villain”. Yaag would be better imo. I’ll say one thing though, Caius would definitely fit the role of a Vanguard.

    XIV- Gaius was my original guess for a XIV rep. That only changed recently when I read an interview with Yoshi P saying he’d like to see Nael in the game. She’d make sense since she was the original villain. It’s just a lot of people are unfamiliar with her since 1.0 was removed from the game entirely. Zenos could definitely be in it though. Yoshi P dropped his name too and he’d definitely be a Vanguard. I would think they’d go with either the 1.0 or 2.0 villain, but I also wouldn’t have chosen Shantotto or Y’shtola as the heroes, so clearly the MMOs go by different rules (but Y’shtola makes more sense than Shantotto still). I still believe though that the female pick will be Nael. It’d have to be either Nael or Lilith, and Nael just makes more sense.

    XV- Agree on Ardyn though. Aside from Vayne he’s the only obvious choice, but Noctis was a very late NT addition, so I don’t think we’ll be seeing Ardyn this soon, especially with Episode Ardyn currently in the works. I think he’d likely be an assassin like Noctis anyway.

  • Margaret

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