Dissidia Final Fantasy NT new male character reveal livestream dated for March 13 By Wazi the pa on March 7, 2018 at 1:23 AM

Square Enix is set to host its next livestream event for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and Dissidia Final Fantasy for arcade systems on March 13 at 7:00PM JST (2:00AM PST).

There, the company will reveal a male character from the newer half of the Final Fantasy titles that will make an appearance in both titles and be playable for the first time ever in the Dissidia series. As well as the reveal, Square Enix will also share other information relating to future updates for the two games.

This comes to no surprise as the company previously teased the new playable character as one of the six upcoming DLC characters via the game’s season pass.

And for the cherry on top, the live event will also feature announcer and narrator Masao Koori along with Dissidia Final Fantasy producer Ichiro Hazama, director Takeo Kujiraoka, and Famitsu writer Bunbun Maru.

Viewers can catch the livestream on YouTube:

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is now available for PlayStation 4. If you’re looking to learn more about the game, head here to check out our full review.

  • Randy Marsh


    Sorry I like that stupid hissing they do now in the ENG version whenever they say his name…..

    But honestly I wouldn’t mind Ardyn in Dissidia, that maybe Caius and Gaius. Truth be told, I’m just peeved about the drought of new villains in the Arcade/NT versions.

  • One Eco

    Remember, he is male, villain and, supposedly, vanguard. That fits some characters from XI to XIV.

    And also, remember, he won’t be added to NT until April.

  • Lerine

    I too wish they would put those 3! It would be amazing!

  • Any talk about bring opera to ps4? Guess not since its set up primed for real money transactions.

  • He brings nothing new. He’s just gonna be a greasy older Noctis
    I say add Vayne

  • One Eco

    Ardyn’s moveset will depend on his moveset of Episode Ardyn, so don’t expect him until much later this year.

  • Artemis Polara

    If you were talking the launch version of Ardyn, I’d agree he’s a clone of Noctis but in Episode Ignis, very little of his moveset was copied. I kinda imagine a moveset built around his usage of Armiger as his default state instead of a buff like Noctis. Possibly Ardyn could be a ranged type character or a mix of both range and melee.

  • stevenm281

    I hope its Caius!

    Altho Liam O’Brien is already voicing Kain, so I don’t know if they’ll hire someone else for him…

  • Whatever they do it has to fit the canon and his personality. If he doesn’t fight far away all the time no need to pretend that’s who he is in Dissidia.

  • Dissociative fucked up from the start with them having not all the villains to match all the heroes. Usually that rounds out the cast.

  • Bill

    I’d be willing to bet that Zeno’s from XIV will be the new character.

  • Justice V

    That would seem very unlikely.

  • Sad. I want a turn-based RPG without monster catching like WoFF had. But that seems to be all but dead except with Persona.

  • Sonia Otis

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