Chrono Trigger PC’s fourth update includes more revamped menus By Tony Garsow on June 27, 2018 at 9:46 PM

Square Enix has updated the Steam version of Chrono Trigger with even more user interface changes that affect some of the game’s menus. Unfortunately, the ability to rebind buttons for controllers has been delayed to the next update in July, and Square Enix shares that they need more time to adjust the game so that this feature can work well with Chrono Trigger’s many minigames.

We’ve been chronicling Chrono Trigger’s updates in video form. You can compare how the game has changed over time below.

Here are the full patch notes from the Chrono Trigger page on Steam:

• Changes to the menu UI
1. We’ve changed the user interface (operation method and screen layout) of the following screens to make it more comfortable to play with controller or keyboard.
2. Menu screen
3. Title screen (including title menu)
4. You can select interface either “gamepad/keyboard” or “touch panel/mouse” from “settings” in the menu.
5. Title screen is the same regardless of your settings.
6. The UI updates that we first outlined in patch #2 are now complete as of this patch. However, we will continue to keep adjusting the UI where necessary.

• Other adjustments and revisions
1. In the settings menu, “Movement” has been removed, based on UI changes.
2. Small bugs are fixed

Patch Update #4 — June 27

Patch Update #3 — June 6

Patch Update #2 — May 16

Patch Update #1 — April 10

Launch Version — February 27

  • Miqote

    Why not just make a whole new game in the series?

  • Randy Marsh

    Because the Chrono series outside of this game is all but dead now. Outside of a couple of ports and music album remixes, the series is long forgotten outside of the nostalgia from the people that still keeps it alive today. With the original team spread out among multiple companies today, it would be hard to make a new game in a series that these people have moved on from. I mean Chrono Break was in development hell for so long that it ended up becoming Final Fantasy Dimensions II, because Takashi Tokita seemed to be the only one in the company that gave a damn about it.

  • Miqote

    Chrono Break became FF Dimension II? I didn’t know that story…. I love the first Dimensions….

  • blazeblast4

    They kind of did. I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphere are spiritual successors gameplay wise. For time travel as a main story element though, iirc we only had XIII-2 recently.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Dimensions II, as Randy Marsh mentioned below.