Final Fantasy VI’s Locke Cole arrives in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT today By Tony Garsow on June 21, 2018 at 8:09 PM

For those that purchased the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT season pass, the second of six characters arrives today. Locke Cole is the third character to enter the Dissidia-verse from Final Fantasy VI. An Assassin-type character, Locke moves about the battlefield quickly and can snatch items from his foes and use them for buffs as he wills.

Additional DLC for Locke can be bought in the PlayStation Store, including a “Devoted Returner” outfit (2.99 USD) that resembles his Final Fantasy VI sprite and a fourth weapon skin called the “Valiant Knife” (0.99 USD).

The game also updated to Version 1.12 as of today, and Square Enix has provided a list of notes highlighting what’s new:

PATCH 1.12

– Fixed various minor bugs.

PATCH 1.11

– Added a new character. [Locke Cole from Final Fantasy VI]
– Added new items. [DLC items for Locke]
– Added new cutscenes to story mode. [Cutscenes for Ramza Beoulve (Final Fantasy Tactics) and Ace (Final Fantasy Type-0)]
– Added the ability to change player name during customization.
– Added the event lobby function to custom matches.
– Made various quality-of-life improvements.
– Fixed various minor bugs.

You can check out some of those additions in the video below: