Kingdom Hearts III is available now worldwide By Raptorchan on January 30, 2019 at 3:09 PM

The long-awaited and highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III is now available worldwide. Fans can now follow Sora on his latest adventure across various Disney and Pixar themed worlds as he and his friends face the ever looming threat of Darkness.

The launch trailer below may have content that some might consider spoilers.

Additionally, Director Tetsuya Nomura and Sean Shoptaw–Senior Vice President, Global Games and Interactive Experiences, Disney Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products–had a few words to say regarding the game’s release:

“I am thrilled that Kingdom Hearts III  is now officially out,” said Nomura. “There are many mysteries in the story, so players will want to take their time so that they don’t miss anything. The adventure lies within the journey, and not just the destination. This story marks one of the greatest experiences Sora will have with his friends, so I hope that the players enjoy it. To all of our fans around the world, thank you for eagerly awaiting this day.”

“Kingdom Hearts III is the continuation of an amazing, longstanding creative collaboration between Tetsuya Nomura, Square Enix and Disney’s characters and worlds,” said Shoptaw. “This installment of the fan-favorite franchise is a perfect testament of our approach to matching Disney and Pixar characters and worlds with best-in-class games partners, and giving them the flexibility to create something magical and unexpected. We are elated that today, fans will be able to experience the game for themselves.”

Kingdom Hearts III is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  • Patrick Bateman

    Is it a spoiler if I talk about things that AREN’T in the game? Better safe than sorry lol I’ll block it. Fun game so far, feels like a Kingdom Heats game for sure, only the whole no Final Fantasy or Star Wars thing really bugs me lol Star Wars would’ve fit perfect in this world, if Pirates worked and Tron worked in the past, don’t see why Star Wars wouldn’t, who cares if they’re not created by Disney, it’s still Disney owned like Pixar, no? Disney should’ve let them use Star Wars if they weren’t planning on giving them Marvel.

    I get if they didn’t want to add any new FF characters, but the old ones should’ve made a return since they were sort of important to the story…

  • I’m sad that the key blade list is so small and most lol stupid. But otherwise ita a god tier game.

    Wish they finished the story with the FF and WEWY allies too.

    I don’t want more Disney, SW or Marvel.

  • I love the game but after dream drop I was hoping Sora would get smarter . He’s still cocky at least.

  • Weren’t there talk of adding attachments in the game like Aqua had in 2.8?

  • What does larxene think of all the singing in Frozen world?

  • NoctLightCloud

    it apparently took them forever to make the deal with Pixar. Star Wars is just not worth it. Besides, we have the gummi ship missions and worlds and the keyblade war – THAT is our star + wars in the game.
    I don’t mind no FF characters in KH3 tbh. We got almost all KH characters in KH3. And Cloud and Sephiroth have probably set a record by now, because of their many cameos. Maybe we’ll see less/no Disney and more FF again in KH4. It would be a nice change, cause including Disney worlds is slowing down the production significantly, with the required contracts and all the voice actors who need to be brought on board. Disney owns Sora & co., so I don’t know if they can cut off Disney in KH that easily. Sqex wasn’t even able to include Sora in World of FF before getting the approval from Disney.

  • NoctLightCloud

    I agree. But do you really want more items/keyblades? I love the minimalistic list we got. When I look at XV, XIV, XIII and so on with their massive amount of items and weapons, I’m glad for the minimalistic approach. At least I get to try out each keyblade this way and memorize them, and they feel more “special”.

  • Patrick Bateman

    To each their own haha personally, i wanted to see Squall and the gang, Cloud/Sephiroth they concluded ( ish ) in Kingdom Hearts II so I’m not really surprised they didn’t come back ,as much as I LOVE FFVII, Why not a Final Fantasy secret end game boss though? Bahamut perhaps? or an “Ultima Weapon” kind of enemy? ( Mind you I havn’t beaten the game yet, I’ve 100%ed 3 worlds so far, but I couldn’t wait and DID look up if there’s any Final Fantasy characters that return or even easter eggs, and while there are a few * Toy Story world* it’s not quite what I had in mind… ) Don’t get me wrong, I’m really enjoying the game which I honestly thought I wouldn’t due to the side games of the series being horrible imo…I still stand with Star Wars fitting perfect with the Kingdom Hearts theme and still think it’s a wasted opportunity. for me, it not about having “things close to Star Wars ” It’s about the thought of fighting Vader as a boss, having Luke as a companion, A KEYBLADE SABER haha and for Gummie Ships I kinda thought KH II had better customization? like i said I’m not end game yet, and clearly haven’t seen all the pieces you can get yet, but so far I feel like I could’ve created/edited the ships in II better…couldn’t you change the colour of weapons and stuff in II not JUST base blocks? I remember I had some real BADASS customs! ( Bat Wing, X-Wing, Millennium Falcon etc..)

    Like you said though, maybe if there ever IS Kingdom Hearts 4 they could add them then…since if i recall once upon a time Pixar was off the table.. I’m just not too keen on waiting another 13 years or so :p

  • Patrick Bateman

    Yes, :p Yes I do want more keyblades haha KHII had a great selection from what I recall, and in games like FFVII, IX and XII they all had a pretty decent amount and every weapons felt unique for the most part, not too happy to hear this game appears to have the smallest list :

    personally I wouldn’t compare FFXV/XIII as games that had many weapons, because those imo were the worst, none of them felt special, in XIII most of them were just upgrades from the standard weapon you start with..no item in XIII felt unique at all since you could technically beat the game with the very first weapon you start with…that’s boring imo. XV had one of the worst weapon list, as most of them were just reskins, none of the end-game weapons really looked or even felt unique, that style of weapon system just feels lazyto me… but to each their own ^ ^ everyone enjoys things differently haha.

  • It’s not that I want more, just I want more of them that aren’t goofy looking.
    I like the KBs that were in KH2. Like Two Become One or the one you got from Axel’s keychain.

  • NoctLightCloud

    I actually agree with you.

  • NoctLightCloud

    You’re right, I agree with your points. Maybe we’ll get all that in KH4, and maybe the next game isn’t that far away, who knows? I think I was just a bit over-protective, since I am still so glad that we got a full AAA KH sequel and not a mobile/smartphone game. I mean, they could’ve opted for an approach like the XV pocket edition in KH X Chi style for Switch or smartphones, since the console market in Japan is dying. Opera Omnia, Mobius, Brave Exvius… Sqex is slowly moving towards smartphones, and I dislike that.

  • Patrick Bateman

    Yeah I feel ya about it being a proper AAA Sequel haha Square did good, I hope they can keep up this momentum! Sadly seems like so many companies are leaning towards mobile…i hate it but sadly that’s where the money is these days, i don’t know why..I mean i know why, but mobile games are lame lmao

  • NoctLightCloud

    ikr? So many Japanese companies are already leaning towards smartphone games. Imagine if we got those games for 3DS instead of smartphone (all the FF spin-offs, KH chi,…). I am still glad we got KH3 as it is, for the best consoles. Imo it’s still the best KH game, only beaten by KH2. People need to be more supportive in the case of KH3, otherwise we might degrade to smartphone-level again. It has happened in the past (Dissidia, KH Chi), it can happen again. Smartphone games which are in the lore. Damn!!