Snow Villiers from Lightning Returns is Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s next season pass character By Tony Garsow on January 28, 2019 at 7:08 AM

During a live broadcast this morning, the Dissidia Final Fantasy team revealed the last season pass character: Snow Villiers from his appearance in Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII.

A heavy type character, Snow is able to make use of Cieth transformations to fight in combat. He will arrive in the arcade version of Dissidia by the end of this month and in the console version (Dissidia Final Fantasy NT) in February. Purchase of the season pass is required to play this character.

You can check out his introduction video below:

6th Season Pass Character: Snow Villiers from Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII

Exhibition: Snow Villiers

Alternate Colors & Costumes & Weapons:

New arrangements will also arrive in the Snow Villiers patch, which you can sample in the video below.

“Tower of the Magi -arrange-” Final Fantasy II
“The Red Wings -arrange-” Final Fantasy IV
“The Returners -arrange-” Final Fantasy VI
“Hunter’s Chance -arrange-” Final Fantasy IX
“Blitz Off -arrange- Final Fantasy X
“Sky Fortress Bahamut -arrange-” Final Fantasy XII
“Savior of Souls -arrange-” Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII
“Decisive Battle -arrange-” Final Fantasy Tactics