Kingdom Hearts III characters featured in Because of You anti-bullying campaign By Raptorchan on February 12, 2019 at 5:50 PM

Square Enix has teamed up with The Ad Council to include Kingdom Hearts III characters in an anti-bullying campaign under the title: Because of You. This campaign has the goal in mind of inspiring others to build a welcoming and inclusive community, and wants to encourage teens to consider the impact their actions have on others, both positive and negative. This program marks the first time The Ad Council has created a PSA with a video game publisher.

The brief PSA video released alongside this campaign features footage from Kingdom Hearts III, and explains that, because of you, someone’s day, year or life can change forever.

“At its core, the Kingdom Hearts series is about the power of friendship and helping those in need in order to overcome darkness,” said Brendan Docherty, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing at Square Enix. “The Kingdom Hearts story is filled with characters overcoming trials and tribulations through friends helping and supporting each other in tough times. We thought these themes matched very well with the valuable life lesson of the Because of You campaign.”  

“Because of You is all about how your actions, for better or for worse, can have a big impact on those around you,and helping teens think about how those decisions could affect others,” said Anastasia Goodstein, SVP of Digital Product Management at the Ad Council. “Kingdom Hearts III is one of the year’s biggest game releases, and we’re excited to see the game’s message of support and friendship reach millions of teens. It’s a great fit with our campaign’s idea that everyone should reflect on the power of their actions.”

To learn more about the movement, you can visit the official website, which includes Kingdom Hearts III wallpapers, information about the campaign, interactive tools and more.