Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] celebrates Third Anniversary By Raptorchan on April 8, 2019 at 4:52 PM

Keyblade wielders from across the world have begun the month-long celebration for the Third Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross], Square Enix’s popular multiplayer Kingdom Hearts game for mobile devices. Throughout all of April and into late May, players will be offered a plethora of in-game items and campaigns to commemorate the milestone.

The list of offers during the Anniversary Celebration include:

  • Anniversary Present: All players will receive a one-time offer of 10,000 Jewels by simply logging into the game from now until May 31st.
  • Free Draw Tickets: From now until April 30th, players will receive Draw Tickets based on their character level. Draw Tickets can be used to pull from a limited time banner to obtain a wide variety of powerful Medals.
  • Event Medals: Now until April 30th, players can earn event coins to exchange for Sora & Chip & Dale Medals, boosters and other rewards.
  • Spirit Training Campaign: By using the new Spirit Training feature, players that train their Spirit 30 times from now until April 30th will receive special rewards, including exclusive Spirit Parts!
  • One Million Jewels Campaign: Until May 6th, players can pull once daily from a free banner for a chance to draw a KHIII Moogle Medal. With KHIII Moogle Medals, players have a chance to win Jewel prizes and a chance at the grand prize of one million Jewels. All players who have at least one KHIII Moogle Medal will receive 1000 Jewels as a consolation prize at the conclusion of the campaign.
  • Returning Popular Avatar Boards: The Terra and Aqua Avatar Boards return once again from now until April 13th. Additionally, the Cloud Avatar Boards will return for a limited time from April 16th to April 22nd.
  • Dark-Winged Warrior Event: Players can challenge the Dark-Winged Warrior, Sephiroth, in this returning event to obtain the One-Winged title. This event will last from now until April 13th.
  • Avatar Coin and Draw Ticket Campaign: Until April 30th, players can convert Avatar Coins to Draw Tickets to pull from a special banner for Medals.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] is available to download for free on Android, iOS and Amazon devices.