Hideo Baba departs Square Enix’s Studio Istolia By Tony Garsow on April 5, 2019 at 7:54 AM

Studio Istolia president Hideo Baba has left the Square Enix Group as of the end of March, per an official statement today. The offshoot studio was in the throes of developing Project Prelude Rune, which is revealed last year as a RPG for PlayStation 4 using the Unreal engine.

While there’s no word on the fate of the project and Studio Istolia, Baba stated he would support the team from background.

  • Cain Barron

    Bummed about this but I have learnt from FFXV DLC cancellations.

  • Krijn van Alten

    So this studio did not produce a single full game yet and it’s president is already leaving. It sounds to me like a bad sign.

  • Odd. It feels like Baba left Tales just to be freelance if he can’t even tough it out for one full game .

    What was the problem. Did square want a shone style BS game and he wanted go break type?

  • Is any reason given?

  • Square Enix needs to address this “talent drain”. It can’t be healthy for the future of the company and I wish someone would already speak out publicly to get the ball rolling.

  • Randy Marsh

    The latter is a huge no-no in Japanese business culture. Do that, and you will almost always get excommunicated from the industry.

  • Randy Marsh

    Don’t know if this was Baba expecting a lot for his start up studio project, or SE being at fault. Just sad to see that this didn’t go through, especially since Baba helped direct and produce some of the better Tales titles like Destiny PS2, Vesperia, and Graces. So him leaving without getting a chance to show his original idea is kind of saddening.

  • xMysticx

    What do you expect from a company has game as service model ???
    The guy who made one of the most fun games left ….. at least i was on the look out for this …. now i dont have a reason to follow SE have sunken too deep

  • I’m well aware of that. It’s a shame, really, but unless it changes, stuff like that will keep on happening.

  • Mochi

    Baba got dropped like a hot potato after butchering Zestiria. The hell have you been smoking?

  • ik that but still give em a chance