Square Enix still developing Final Fantasy VII Remake as multiple parts By Tony Garsow on May 10, 2019 at 7:04 AM

Final Fantasy VII Remake will still release in multiple parts, via Square Enix’s official press release following Thursday’s new teaser trailer. When the project was first revealed back in 2015, it was also shared that the game would be told in parts.

Tellingly, the scenes we’ve seen thusfar only reflect the early hours of the original title. Despite being multiple parts, Square Enix wants you to think of it differently than a game like Life is Strange, which unfolds episodically. Later in 2015, producer Yoshinori Kitase stated that “each entry will have the volume of content equal to a full-sized game.” You can imagine then, the opportunity for the team to expand on different aspects.

We go a bit deeper into the scenes in yesterday’s teaser trailer in our teaser analysis here.

Final Fantasy VII is currently announced for PlayStation 4.

  • MαcKrø

    True enough. That would be better like it was originally planned by Nomura (a trilogy).

  • Iggy

    …They did do it in parts. Gladio, Iggy, Prompto, Comrades, and Ardyn’s episodes were all parts.

  • Alexis Fernandes

    well…Ardyn’s episode is paid tough. I hope it doesn’t mean FF VII will have all of its parts paid, ’cause I wanna complete the game for my 10th time, but this time, I wanna complete it in 3D.

  • SNK

    They condensed three games into one
    That’s why Final Fantasy XV feels incomplete.

  • I bet the part in the teaser where you see Sephiroth and the flames is the in the bottom of the Shinra boat when you first fight the Jenova limb and get Ifrit. That’ll likely be the end of the part 1.

  • Fair point. Based on what we got with 15 it always sucked how it turned out. I didn’t like most of the cast and the villains were a joke. So all i really liked was Noctis and his powers. It’s no where near the level of FF9, 7, 6, or 10. Even 12 had more heart and exploration pay off.

  • And why the villains are an after thought except for one of them.

  • Because FFXV WAS supposed to be like that. A story told over 3 games. That’s why the term the Versus Epic was coined back at the end of the 2013 E3 trailer. The problem is, they took massive chunks of the story and just cut it out all together and turned it into everything else we got or now never will in any other form besides a damn book.

  • Jesus Christ

    Square Enix: Final Fantasy VII Remake as multiple parts

    Me: Why?

    This doing-way-too-much ambition that SE has. FFX didn’t need multiple parts and it was a masterpiece. FFXII didn’t need multiple parts and it was a masterpiece.

    Look, perhaps it’s a conservative mental reflex. If it turns out multiple parts for VII remake makes the experience more complete and masterful, then I’ll gladly say lesson learned.

    But it does make me wonder why this is a thing.

  • Wiccan

    If you havent already, go play Mass Effect trilogy. A complete story, transferring from game to game. Then hopefully you’ll have answered your own question as to why they want to do it this way. Let’s not forget, FF7 was a ps1 game with no voice acting, no cinematic integration, no dynamic camera in the field, areas consisting of small screens and entire story sequences that really only take about 1-2 minutes to get through depending on how fast you read. FFX and FFXII were actually incredibly short and the bulk was mostly post game related gameplay and travel.

    Put a voice to every character in FF7, every discussion, then enhance every discussion to compensate for the exposition and script needed in a cinematic story. Think of how the developers might want to add new exposition between the party to build and emphasize stronger relationships and world building. Make every area in the games world 3D and to scale and take on board that SE want to expand the story and world in ways they originally couldnt because the ps1 technology limited them. This isn’t about taking one thing and pasting it, it’s about doing more with it, translating it in to a modern format. This was a concern they expressed even after the game first released, it was never as much as they thought it could be. This will be their Mass Effect trilogy, mate. Their Xenosaga, their Star Wars, their .Hack GU, their Harry Potter. To put it simply; Some things just need more time to do what they want to do.

  • Kyle

    The game is very long for today’s age. It would not be possible. Why is that so hard for Jesus Christ himself to understand? But like him, you say a lot without actually saying anything at all.

  • 답답답

    “each entry will have the volume of content equal to a full-sized game” wait, 80h+ just in midgar? maybe im not mad

  • Patrick Bateman

    why do people keep thinking the first game will take place entirely in Midgar? do ya’ll not remember how big the original was? LOL

  • •december

    Gah! So much frustration, and the thing that saved the whole FFXV ordeal was the amazing reveal of daemon/resurrected Lunafreya being the iconic FFXV logo (from the novel, meh)

  • •december

    While I agree villains appeared to be an afterthought, any Final Fantasy fan will know that Ardyn wasnt meant to be the main villain (*cough* Bahamut was) because he doesnt have other forms; and the final battle in any final fantasy the boss has higher more powerful forms and/or many superbosses after said boss was defeated…. Ardyn didnt transform or nothing… (he couldve even turned into the evil daemon version of himself? I mean the potential was all there and it wasn’t used: definitely incomplete. )

  • •december

    dont make me laugh LMAO they’re gonna do Final Fantasy 7 in parts as small as Ignis Gladdy’s and Prompto’s DLC? We’re all doomed…
    I love FFXV, its my favourite still is but their DLCs were all formulaic and SMALL. I wouldn’t call them parts of the FFXV universes, they were like little morsels of story lol

  • •december

    The overworld had a CRAZY load of secret/remote islands and places;

    it was seriously a masterpiece.

  • oozingpussjello

    Where in the 2019 press release does it confirm this information? I only see it in the old release
    from 2015.

  • Gabriel Hage

    This is a thing because they want our money x3 this time! Like they did with episodes Gladio, Ignis, Prompto and Ardyn in FFXV… Square enix is ​​creating new ways to increase profit, but this is putting an end to the quality of the games.

    I have been accompanying SE since 1994, when FFVI was released, and from what I have knowledge about them I can say with all certainty that the quality of FFVII Remake Part 1 will not be the same as parts 2 and 3.

    And fans are saying on forums that there is a chance to launch the first part on PS4 and the next only on PS5. We will have different graphic qualities to tell a story that was told years ago in a complete and unique game.

    We have nothing new to see in Final Fantasy VII Remake. the only thing they want to show is the graphics power they have today and maybe be an important game for PS5 sales release next year.

  • Gabriel Hage

    And even FFXV going through all these problems they will repeat the same mistakes with FFVII. “Let’s see what happens” vibes

  • D†C

    I’m having a bit of a “special problem” and I hope anyone here got a solution to this… So, since youtube and twitch are the biggest piles of content trash, with people talking about things they don’t know… Where the hell can I watch or read JRPG collectors(!) talk about FFVIIR and JRPGs in general? Thanks!


    The .hack series was multiple parts and I still enjoyed that

  • James Stine

    Yeah! I think it actually does a fantastic job.

  • James Stine

    It’s hard to discern when looking at translator tools, but this is the line: “分作として制作を進めています”, the key here being “分作” which translates to roughly “partial production”.

  • James Stine

    Well, this time the person heading the project isn’t getting pulled off of it for no reason to be left with someone to pick up the pieces of an unfinished project and try to turn it into one single game. Completely different environment here.

  • James Stine

    I don’t believe that the first part would take place entirely in Midgar, but it was originally stated that Midgar would be expanded on so we will get to explore it more than the original.

  • Patrick Bateman

    well yeah :p exploring more of Midgar didn’t personally make me think that means we’re gonna have an 80+ hour game take place entirely in Midgar though LOL I don’t know why it seems so many people think so. I’m glad they’re expanding things and places and adding stuff and getting rid of stuff ( I’m assuming Genesis will be gone, thankfully lol )

    Where do you think the first game will end? Nibelheim maybe? It’s so hard to gauge not knowing how much they’re adding/taking away haha

  • Noctis

    this game is to big to have it on one game! are you guys for real?

    to retell the whole story they need to do more parts whats the problem with that? I`m happy we get more of FF7 with additional story. Stop complaining or just stick to the first original game!

  • Jesus Christ

    I hope it works out. I am still giving SE the stink eye about their overambition. I think it prolongs things and when it does come out, it may not be what they anticipated it to be.

  • Jesus Christ

    lol shade.

  • 답답답

    well… this aged badly