Final Fantasy VII Remake due out March 3, 2020; watch the new teaser trailer By Wazi the pa on June 9, 2019 at 11:16 PM

Ahead of the company’s E3 2019 broadcast event, Square Enix has dropped a brand new teaser trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake during their ‘A Symphonic Reunion’ tribute concert, and there’s plenty in it to get excited for.

For starters, we’re finally provided with the full worldwide release date for the long-awaited remake, which is due out on March 3, 2020 for PlayStation 4. Additionally, viewers are also treated with more snippets of juicy gameplay footage and cutscenes.

This comes to us a month after the developer revealed the game’s ‘State of Play’ teaser trailer, which promised more information to come this June.

Feast on the trailer down below:



Stay tuned to Nova Crystallis as we’ll learn more about the remake during Square Enix’s E3 2019 broadcast event, including whether or not it’s still following its multi-game structure.

UPDATE: Square Enix has released a new key art for Final Fantasy VII Remake, featuring antagonist Sephiroth set against a burning Midgar skyline.

  • Finally something to be happy about. Work hard Square and make it good.

  • Shot in the dark here:
    Was those wraiths around Aerith the dead people she said she can see and hear before she learned to control her powers of communing with the Lifestream?

  • Patrick Bateman

    sounds legit. i was guessing the “Reunion” spooks in the black cloaks, but your guess sounds more accurate!

  • Patrick Bateman

    whhhyyyy does Cloud sound like Noctis?! arrg! lmao why ruin a good thing ( still hyped ) but gah the changed voices are going to mess with me

  • I figured it had to be that since Tifa wasn’t there.
    The only time they had ghost was the train graveyard with Aerith and Tifa there with Cloud.

  • Extra!志保, 志穂

    You barely get to hear it…

  • Patrick Bateman

    It aint confirmed I know, but both trailers he sounds nothing like Steve Burton, in the OG 2015 trailer he also barely spoke yet you could tell it was him..He also recently removed ” The voice of Cloud Strife” from his Twitter Bio after having it for years so I don’t know what’s going on. Yes IMDB still says it’s him, that’s because he hasn’t been able to flat out comment on FFVII Remake yet since the new trailers..

  • Randy Marsh

    Yeah I can’t deny it now. Seems they replaced all the VAs in the English dub. I wonder why though? To give a fresh take on the game to further separate this from the Compilation and make it its own thing and seem original? Or was getting Steve Burton, Rachel Lee Cook, and Mae Whitman for multiple games with full voice acting just too much for Square? >~>

  • Patrick Bateman

    I know from George Newbern’s twitter he’s bee very supportive of the role, and is still actively promoting Sephiroth still, maybe the voice actors will still be cast in other media? Doesn’t make sense though…I know it’s not a big deal to some, but for others like me, I mean Steve and George were perfect as Cloud and Sephiroth..Cloud doesn’t SOUND too bad ( mix between the new Leon from Resident Evil and Noctis ) but that Sephiroth change….It’s also weird that the new voice actors kinda sound like they’re TRYING to sound like the original cast…we’ll know more hopefully in 5 hours!

  • Justice V

    That was what it seemed like to me. A clear shot of one of those “new elements” things they’re adding to flesh out the story. I liked how it seemed like Cloud couldn’t see them until she touched him. More depth on the Cetra (visually if nothing else) is definitely appreciated.

  • Yeah, when he touched her, she went all spirit medium and he could see it.


    Hopefully they don’t change Vincent’s voice as well, I would be devastated!

  • Patrick Bateman

    they changed them all… :'( but the game looks AMAZING. I’m beyond hyped.

  • James Stine

    He doesn’t sound like Noctis at all in my opinion.