Producer Yu Miyake says preparations for Dragon Quest XII have begun By Raptorchan on June 3, 2019 at 7:46 PM

During the hour-long Dragon Quest livestream to announced Dragon Quest Walk, producer Yu Miyake provided some small insight on Dragon Quest XII and where the game currently sits in terms of development.

Translation, via Siliconera: “By the way, about the series development concerning Dragon Quest XII, which I’m sure you’re all wondering about—Horii-san (Yuji Horii) and I are currently making preparations, and while I believe it’ll still be a while, I’d to make some kind of announcement for it, so please wait a little longer for now.”

Siliconera’s quotes Yu Miyake from the saved video stream below, at the 15:46 mark.

So while it will be a bit longer for any solid information to surface from Square Enix, fans can at least be excited that another Dragon Quest title is in the works.

Sources: Siliconera

  • Not gonna lie. That impressive they started 12 already.
    I didn’t like the cast dumping their items and leaving the party over and over like they did in LoH Cold Steel. But most of 11 was gold. I never beat the end game perfect ending quest because I like the idea that a character stayed dead. Plus going back in time and de-leveling, that was stupid. I stopped and didn’t do it. To me the ending is the ending.

    For 12 I hope they go for something new. Like a small cast that fully fleshed out and much cooler. Because other than Jade Martina and Erik I didn’t like the cast of 11.

  • Stonespear

    This is such great news! I really enjoyed XI and it was the first one out on pc/consoles since 8 if I remember right.

    XI was a fantastic slow-burn of an rpg. I hope we’ll get some great story with perhaps better developed characters.