Square Enix announces Dragon Quest Walk for mobile devices By Raptorchan on June 3, 2019 at 7:10 PM

Revealed during a special hour-long Dragon Quest livestream event, Square Enix announced that a new Dragon Quest app-game will be coming to Android and iOS devices. Titled Dragon Quest Walk, this phone app allows players to walk to real life locations and battle iconic monsters from the series.

Dragon Quest Walk shares similarities with the famed Pokemon Go, but adds their own spin on the walking-game genre, such as the gameplay map resembling a Dragon Quest world, the option to personalize your own room and, of course, engaging in RPG-styled combat to gain EXP.

A website and official twitter were launched alongside the announcement, with a beta test for Japan scheduled on June 11th. Dragon Quest Walk is scheduled for a 2019 launch, however, it is uncertain at this time if the game will be released worldwide.