Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 52 Summary; Titania, Trusts, and System Updates By Tony Garsow on June 14, 2019 at 9:26 PM

During the fifty-second Letter from the Producer Live broadcast, the Final Fantasy XIV team detailed more information about the upcoming Shadowbringers expansion set to release on July 2nd, 2019. This time we got a peek at the Twintania trial, the new Trust system, and more updates and features coming to the game.

You can check out our summary of the major information below:

Dungeon Trailer

— This time the dungeon trailer was cut shorter due to the amount of potential spoilers.
— During the media tour, the team talked about “charged actions.” They noticed fans had questions about losing the charges if you wipe and the answer is no — the charges will reset if you wipe.

The Dancing Plague — Titania

— The trial versus Titania is in The Dancing Plague and was available at the E3 2019 showfloor. The floor’s win rate was 30%.
— In video footage the team shows off an “amaro” mount that looks like a black-feathered camel. They are tied into the main scenario quest.
— The team showed off the Titania encounter which takes place in a square-shaped arena.
— Titania is the ruler of the Pixies and a lot of her attacks utilize their help. She can be challenged at Level 73.

The Trust System

— The Trust System will allow you to challenge main scenario dungeons with allied NPCs. Fight alongside NPCs to progress through dungeons solo. Fill the role of your choice in the party — tank, healer, or DPS — and then select the Trust NPCs to fill the other roles.
— A variety of NPC allies will have specialized AI and unique actions. You won’t be directly commanding Trust NPCs yourself. They’ll react differently to different situations and have unique dialogue and banter.
— Playing with other players will remain a more effective strategy than using Trust NPCs. Roughly speaking, using them, you can expect a dungeon to last 30 minutes if you do not wipe. If you, the player, are incapacitated, you will restart the dungeon.
— You will see Trust NPCs standing outside the entrance to a dungeon which signifies that they are ready to join you. When you approach and talk to them, a menu will be called to set up a Trust Party. This can also be accessed from the Trust section in the Duty menu.
— The roster of characters you see in the Trust menu will vary depending on how far you progress in the story.
— Minfilia’s job title is “Oracle of Light” despite wielding daggers like a rogue.
— When the party is organized, you will queue for the duty.
— In Trust dungeons, gear will drop at 1/4 the rate of normal rates due to the lack of rolling on gear.
— When you approach a pack of mobs, your tank will jump out and attempt to gain enmity.
— When enemies use AOE tells, your Trust NPC party will attempt to avoid them.
— For example, enemies may cast multiple AOEs where Trust NPCs may not be able to attack for a while — there has been compensation for this by having the AI use more powerful attacks after downtime.
— The first boss of the dungeon is a frog named Aenc Thon, Lord of the Lingering Gaze.
— The tank AI will attempt turn the enemies away from the party and the AI will stack together on stack indicators.
— The team wanted to make the encounters based on the places you’re in which resulted in a large variety of environments.
— AI will differ based on the personality of your trusts. Minfilia will hesitate and let you use a Limit Break and Alisaie will use the Limit Break when it’s available.

Gatherer and Crafter Adjustments


— New actions and and traits will be added. New information will be added to the gathering and fishing logs via tomes of regional folklore.
— Regarding Unspoiled/Legendary/Ephemeral gathering point appearance timing — for items that have been obtained via gathering at least once. Alarms for gathering point timing can be enabled via subcommands.
— The world of the First doesn’t operate “Eorzean” time but they’ll have the same value. No time zone difference.
— New tackles for catching various fish in 2.0 areas will be added — Boilies. The team feels its about time to consolidate tackles in the form of Boilies that will let you catch a variety of fish. Eventually these will be added to Heavensward and Stormblood areas.
— The difficulty of obtaining tomes of regional folklore will be reduced.


— New actions will be added. Steady Hand II an Byregot’s Blessing will be added to all classes. This was made with new players in mind for whatever crafter they decide to pick up.
— Recipe aspects will be removed, and all related actions consolidated into one. The team felt this was a hassle and decided to clean it up.
— The crafting UI will be updated with more information on screen so that the crafting process is easier to grasp. Durability and condition will be displayed more clearly. When active, the Collectable Synthesis status will be clearly displayed in the window. Active crafting statuses, as well as the resulting increases from actions (assuming a base of 100% efficiency) will be displayed during synthesis. It’ll be easier to visualize and calculate your progress.
— A the bottom of the window, you can see two upward pointing lines. For each action you take, the text above will display the results.
— The resulting increases from actions (assuming a base of 100% efficiency) will be displayed in the Crafting Log. Crafters can therefor confirm the increase in progress and quality from actions (assuming a base of 100% efficiency) prior to synthesis.
— The maximum initial quality limit will be raised from 50% to 75% for many 5.0 and later recipes (to allow for easier HQ item synthesis with HQ materials. The maximum initial quality for each recipe can be confirmed prior to synthesis.
— The difficulty of obtaining master recipe books IV, V and VI will be reduced. The team thinks there are too many and they need to be reduced. Other finer adjustments are being made internally.
— The team didn’t directly comment on the existence of a new tier of materia, but teased that Shadowbringers was only two weeks away where you’ll find out for yourself.

System Updates


— New tomestone currency includes Allagan Tomestones of Goeta and Phantasmagoria. Tomestone of phantasmagoria will be added four weeks after the official release of Shadowbringers — it is the weekly capped currency.
White crafters’ and gatherers’ scrip will be added.


Glamour dressers capacity will be increased from 200 to 400 items, and glamour plates will be increased from 10 to 15.


— Furnishing preview will be added so you can preview furnishing items in your estate before you use them. However, certain seasonal rewards and optional items will be exempted. Most of the items in the game will be preview-able.
— You’ll be able to preview indoor and outdoor furnishings.
— A design chosen from a contest includes a fallen log you can place outside your estate that you can sit on.
— The team hopes that the preview system will provide more ease and depth in playing with the furnishing system.
— A cash register furnishing has been added for those who may want to use their estate as a shop for roleplaying.
— New gear sets have been added based on the Ronkan civilization and frog.

The Hunt

— The Centurio seal limit will be increased from 1,000 to 4,000.
— When in possession of the requisite bill, the direction and status of a rank B mark will be displayed when nearby. “You sense your mark to the north.”, “You no longer sense the presence of your mark.”
— When a rank S mark spawns in the region, a message will be displayed: “You sense the presence of a powerful mark…”


— The retainer window will be updated and a sort function will be added.
— Materia melding requests can be sent in succession.
— A robotic frog mount has been created.
— Gunbreaker mount will be based on a saber-tooth tiger. The initial version has no armor but higher achievements will have armor.
— All mounts will have flying enabled (including coeurls and warlions).
— Achievement filters will be added. Select from Unfinished/Complete/Item Rewards/Title Rewards.
— An achievement watchlist can be added where progress for up to 30 achievements can be tracked.


— The requirements to become a mentor following the release of 5.0 will be revised. Players who obtained certification prior to the release of 5.0 but do not meet the new requirements will retain their current status for the duriation of 5.0. However, as of 5.1, to ensure all mentors are held to the same standard, changes will be implemented ton courage mentors who qualified under the old system to obtain recertification (please note that mentors who do not do this during 5.1 will lose certification in 5.2.)

New Gear Sets


— The new raid takes places in a barren white area and it seems that we need to restore life to a fallen object in the distance. The team says that if they show more it will spoil the main scenario and they want you to use your imagination until it is revealed.

Key Characters

Thancred Waters — Thancred is an Archon in the Scions of the Seventh Dawn who specializes in survival and subterfuge. Espionage missions have taken him deep within Garlean territory, where he acquired the techniques of the gunbreaker–skills he will be forced to perfect if he means to protect those he holds dear.
Y’shtola Rhul — Her penchant for pragmatism is matched only by her thirst for knowledge. Though she is renowned for her consummate mastery of white magic, she now turns to the dark arts so that she might better content with the challenges that lie ahead.
Urianger Augureit — An Elezen student of prophecy known for his cryptic utterances, Uianger is considered one of the Scions’ most erudite Archons. In the face of a new threat and precarious future, he has turned to the ancient Sharlayan art of astrology to divine a path forward…
Alphinaud Leveilleur — A member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, Alphinaud was the youngest individual in history to be accepted into the Studium, Sharlayan’s premier academic institution. Leaving his homeland with grand dreams of delivering the world from destruction, he has suffered many a humbling experience throughout his journey but bolstered by comrades old and new he forges on toward his life’s goal.
Alisaie Leveilleur — A woman of action whose dynamic approach is in stark contrast to that of her more diplomatic twin brother, Alphinaud. Inspired by those she has lost in her many travails, she strives to better herself for the sake of those she can yet save.
Minfilia — Although this young woman has both the name and the piercing blue eyes of the Scion’s erstwhile Antecedent, the nature of their connection is not entirely clear. What does this Minfilia wish to achieve? What hopes are caught withing the tangled skein of her destiny?
The Crystal Exarch — De facto leader for the people of the Crystarium, the Crystal Exarch gained his title as much for his position as for the crystalline transformation steadily consuming the flesh of his body. This enigmatic figure promises to play a prominent part in the Warrior of Light’s future adventures.
Solus zos Galvus — The founder of the Garlean Empire, for whom even death presents no obstacle. For centuries he has worked from the shadows, sowing the seeds of war in order to trigger Calamities and thereby rejoin the worlds that were once divided. With Norvrandt on the bring of lucent oblivion, to what end has he chosen to take center stage?
Vauthry and Ran’jit — are they friend or foe?
Lyna and Feo Ul will be important characters in the storyline. Like the dragons, the pixies will also have a unique language.
The Heroes of the First have previously appeared in the main scenario. The Shadowbringers expansion will tell the story of their return to the First after the events of Patch 3.4. These stories will be told through new Role Quests that include battles.

Upcoming Schedule

June 28 — Start of Early Access
July 2 — Start of Official Service
(The team feels that a lot of players will join and play for the Shadowbringers expansion they suggest you utilize the World Visit system to change to a lower-population server to continue playing the main scenario. The team says they will be very attentive to issues regarding population congestion and disseminate information quickly.)
July 16 — Patch 5.01, Eden Normal Opens
July 30 — Patch 5.05, Eden Savage Opens, Tomestones of Phantasmagoria Introduction, and the opening of the Dungeons of Lyhe Ghiah (accessed through treasure maps).

New Worlds

— On June 18th 2019, new worlds will be added to the European Data Centers.
Spriggan will be added to the Chaos Data Center.
Twintania will be added to the Light Data Center.


— A left-handed gaming device “Tactical Assault Commander F14” will be available today through July 4th and ships November 21, 2019.
Eorzean Symphony Final Fantasy XIV Orchestra Concert 2019 is set for September 21 and 22.
— A Shadowbringers-themed security token will be available in Japan on July 2nd. North American region launch will be announced later.
Journeys Final Fantasy XIV Arrangement Album releases on June 19th.
— A patch note reading for 5.0 will take place on Thursday June 27th at 19:00 JST. The special guest will be Thancred’s voice actor Yuichi Nakamura.
— Final Fantasy XIV will be at Japan Expo from July 4th to July 7th at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center. There will be a Titania battle challenge and cosplay contest where Yoshida will judge.
— The movie version of Daddy of Light “Brave Father Online” will release in Japan on June 21st. They hope to release the movie in the West soon.
— In closing, Yoshida says the team has reached a record 16 million users and a record amount of active subscribers and he thanks players from around the would for playing.

  • Sadly, still bummed about not getting to infiltrate Garlemald as a spy.
    Also, I wanted them to add a romantic dating sim series of quests. Dating certain NPCs that were outside of the main story (like the ones from Job/class quests).
    Was hoping the angels and ascians would be the main focus as the villains and interactive cast of NPCs for this. But it seems the angelic foes are just monster and bosses again and the ascians, all but one, are not even shown as major factors again.
    I’m sure it’ll be a good story but we seem to keep getting farther from the main point of the game, the villains, the mysteries, the problem solving.

    No New World or African/South American/Native American like regions/cultures either. If Eorzea is Europe and the Far East is Asia and Garlemald is a mix of Russia, Germany and Rome then why is there STILL no Native American/African/ Latino/South American areas?

    When will racism end?

  • Krijn van Alten

    I don’t know what you are smoking, but you should stop with it. It is clearly damaging your brain cells. ‘when does racism end?’ fist you should look up what racism means. And also tell me which culture from Europe Ul’dah is representing. And also tell me since when a game is obliged to represent all cultures the world has.

  • Tony Garsow

    Hi guys, let’s try to keep things less hostile and address the points made rather than make personal comments.

  • Jono King

    FF14 isn’t the persona series. Why would they include dating? If you had payed attention to any of the recent intel drops, this expac will cover “80%” of the hydalean and zodiark story. Final Fantasy doesn’t use or elude to any region or culture being anything close to as inspired from or taken from real life cultures. There are many different races, “clans”, and cultures in ff14. The only thing that could even be considered racism in this game remotely is how the garleans treat other races and cultures besides their own. That’s the only one thing.

  • Are you seriously pretending that there’s no place like italy or like japan or china? They are clearly adding areas with cultures inspiring them. Even lots of names of the races are french or roman or latin refs. Especially in the Far East and Garlemald. There was Native American clothes said to be made from the culture of the New World. The New World is what they referred to the Americas as before Europe started heading over there.

    If it’s not racism that keeps them from make African inspired places it’s lack of interest. In anime the only thing you most of the time is white cultures and asian ones, and FF14 is no different. Good game, but that will always be it’s flaw. I’ve played whole games of Tales or FF and no people were even brown in the desert sometimes.

  • Obligated? I didn’t say they were obligated, did I?
    I just wonder why they’re never interested in making towns, regions, or social groups that represent Latino or African culture, that’s all. If it’s not racism, it’s favortism or lack of interest due to prejudice. A prejudice that kept going in anime and hollywood shows/tv/movies.

  • James Stine


  • Xavier Lucky

    This is one of those moments where I can’t tell if someone is trolling or being serious. The only thing that makes even half sense is the first sentence, because I too thought it would be Garlemald we headed to before Shadowbringers was revealed. Though it could still happen in the next expansion or even in the “epilogue” of Shadowbringers in some sort of way.

  • I just wish they cared about showing the whole world and not just a fantasy Europe and asia

  • Miqote

    You are the biggest troll I’ve ever seen on this site. This isn’t a dating sim. Your a complete joke.

  • It’s just an idea. The it could be a series of quests for Valentine’s day.

  • I wanted to vote to Garlemald as a spy a d take down their government from the inside.
    But I also wanted to the new world when I saw clothes from the new world was nati e American cultural based. But I doubt we will ever go there.

  • Yeah. Aren’t you tired of them making whole worlds in Tales games where your people don’t exist? It’s like saying “this is how the world should be. No pesky ugly brown people mucking up my perfect fantasy world.” Sure you can make black or latino people in 14 but they have no culture or identity. They are just there.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    You accidentally wrote “Twintania trial”, as in the name of one of the two new worlds, instead of “Titania trial” in the opening paragraph of the article.

  • Randy Marsh

    We do have Black people in FFXIV? Don’t you see the dark-black inspired colored individuals in the story!? Carvallain de Gorgagne? Raubahn? EVEN GAIUS IS DARK! o_O ALMOST ALL THE IMPORTANT NPCS IN ALA MHIGO ARE DARK! Ala Mhigo is a buffet of Inidian and African elements in the designs!

    Where have you been? I would cut some slack man, but there’s stuff right in front of you. That’s why I am being in a non-cool tone.

  • I didn’t think of Gaius or Carvallain as the equivalent of Africans in that world. I thought they were just white people with tans. They have none of the cultural traits of African or even African-Americans. If anything, maybe they’re half black half white and raise in a fantasy version of Europe.

    This isn’t about social justice, this is about my personal feelings toward how people who are brown are often ignored. I’ve said it before, and I’ll restate it, I love the game. Especially the story. But very little in the game seems to have any reference to African or South America. There’s more to black people or brown people or Native Americans than just dying someone a dark shade. It’s a culture. It’s a voice pattern. It’s terms. Most people in Ala Mhigo sound Scottish or Irish. If they’re suppose to be a reference to India Africa, why not have actors with those accents. Some of the asian in Far East have asian accents like Yugiri. But I’ve NEVER seen any African names, accents, or even the housings or clothing. Ala Mhigo just seems like a place full of a bunch of assorted races. So assorted none of them have any real identity.

    Look like Limsa Lominsa, Italian inspired, lots of hints at that with music and the buildings and the way people carry on in the town. Wine is a focus. Pirates add in a Constantinople vibe too. Then there’s Ul Dah which might be a mix of the middle east and Spain. And Gridania is basically 100% Europe and looks like LotRs. Ishgard is Game of Thrones style Europe with a dash of Russia. Garlemald is Germany/Rome/Russia. The catpeople and elves have french names. The Garleans have latin and roman names. There’s some spanish names floating around. Some old english ones too. Saw some refs to nomads like Ghangis Khan in the Far East tribes. But NONE are African. Not one. None are Native American. Not a single one.

    Somerthing can be fun and great without being perfect. 14 isn’t perfect at all when it comes to being inclusive. 80% of the cast is just a generic british accented man or woman. And don’t tell me that’s because they’re from Europe. It doesn’t matter. I’ve seen countless times Europeans will adopt other accents for a role. Like the recent two Spider-Men actors were both doing NY accents and they were from England. So why not adopt some non-England-style accents for the Africans of the game? Maybe because they don’t see the need to because they’re barely in the game. Raubhan has a british accent. His traitor friend had an Irish accent. Not Indian. Not African. Just generic stock European accents.

  • Xavier Lucky

    Sure, I could agree with you on the cloths part because I do remember seeing it too. But….it has zero to do with racism. And yes Garlemald I think could have been a thing they atleast considered doing instead.

  • I just don’t want my people to be an afterthought anymore. That’s all. In Ys 7 they went to north Africa and there were flat out black people. Why can’t they do that in Tales and Square games?

  • Xavier Lucky

    Sure, but trying to say it has anything to do with Racism just because you think it is, really detracts from the whole of your post. The first thing people think when they see your comment is “Racist?”. And the rest of your comment is null in most peoples mind.

    They developers simply didn’t make the choice because they want to make their world go a different way for the story, and that is their right. Fact is these things take time, money, and man power. The creative decision is not ours but theirs to make, it has absolutely zero to do with racism. And to say otherwise is ridiculous. Personally though I wouldn’t expect any form of Native American setting any time soon at all. Perhaps more clothing and equipment from a Native American inspired culture but thats it. Though that equipment also did look like alot of the stuff the Azim Steppe tribes wore too so it could already be said that it was the extent and end of it.

  • All I know is, I’m 33 about to be 34 and no matter how many years go by it’s always the same excuse when certain minorities aren’t in the game. Almost every game has the same excuse. So which is more likely to be true? That there’s no developer out there with any interest in the cultures of brown people and it’s all innocent? Or could it be that after hundreds of years of being taught that white people are beautiful and asians only liking their features and their own being the reason why they shy away from making any brown people cultures a focus?

    There’s a reason why there’s a phrase call a “token minority”. Have you ever seen a white or asian person in a JRPG that was the token minority? I can count the times it happened on one hand. Thrice. Valkyrie Profile had only a few asian and a ton of white people because it was a Norse style game. Then the same thing happens in Tales of Phantasia and Symphonia. Each with one token kunoichi and all the rest of the asians barely even mentioned or seen. And still, both of these times it was their own people make as tokens. Never white people. That doesn’t seem odd?

  • Xavier Lucky

    No it doesn’t. Because I don’t view games through such a idealogically driven lens. I view them as stories that developers want to tell, and if they choose to make people of whatever skin color the majority or the minority than so be it. Its their total right, if others have issues with it they can go and create their own games. Also you are talking about darker skin color? Yet….Have we completely forgotten about the Ala Mighans? That multiple of the main characters in the story (and even the warrior of light is an option) are not even white. Y’shtola, a fan favorite is not even white skinned. Louisoix, one of the strongest characters to have even saved the world wasn’t even white skinned. I have no idea where you are trying to go with this skin color issue but its not really heading anywhere.

  • elyse

    why does a world created to entertain have to cater to your version of the real world? Why do you types constantly have to try to drag the real world into an escape like this? Had you looked into any of the lore up ’til now?

  • Yeah. I have. Lots of it is European fantasy stuff. Even the unique names for each races are French, Roman, German, British, and so on. But none for Africans.

    If they don’t want me to think about the real world they should have made Eorzea look like Europe in culture and the Far East clearly mimics Asia. But again, no Africa. No south America.

  • People always say “go make your own game” as if just anyone has that money and skill.
    It’s a meaningless thing to say to shut someone up.

    What about Y’shtola seems African or latino to you? She’s just a tan British person. Theres more to people than just skin tone. Culture matters too.

  • You can accept it the way they do it all you want but that doesn’t mean it’s right. They are beholden to white people and their own race so that turn a blind eye to all others whenever they get a chance. I know first hand because I worked in a bookstore at a college and ever time an asia from overseas came in they wanted a white person to help them and not the black ones like me. That’s real life experience. And it echoed in their games and stories. Often times people who accept that they do this simply don’t want to accept that JPN is bigoted, sexist, and yes, racist.

  • elyse

    Sorry we don’t have more child soldiers and more women sold into slavery for your liking. More warlords scamming more industrious peoples are clearly needed here. But no, noone’s allowed to create what they wanted, and tell what story they want to tell, they have to cater to what /you/ want… and why is that?

    And so on… really? you’re going to completely miss the norse mythology inherent within all final fantasy titles as well as the greek and roman? Did you also miss the egyptian stylization in architecture as early as Qarn? And how that’s been further addressed to have even existed earlier than the allagans, with iconography supposedly dating even further back than Sephirot’s tree people due to the simple fact it was worship to a symbol based upon the sun, one eorzeans have taken to seeing as Azeyma


    But I’m sorry, you only want surface level. Get out…

  • elyse

    yes, her culture matters, a culture already well established through any light reading about sharlayan, or just looking at miqo’te being what they are, well and established and even built upon their 2010 counterparts, but suddenly nearly a decade later, things have to change because of your faux outrage. At this point, the answer seems clear, go make your own game, and establish a good 15 incarnations, cult classics in each of their own rights, with a massive patterning and loosely connected set of worlds, a game series that has spanned a good 30 years now, and then tell me how you’d address someone believing themselves to be /this/ entitled.

    Times like these, I really wish gaming could go back as a niche thing so we could be rid of trash arguments like this.

  • elyse

    And as far as the lack of “native american” anything in the game, wasn’t it your type that went up in arms the moment the New World set became available, completely forgetting the fact that, merlwyb and her crew “the lost bastards” had found the new world and it happened to also be the home of the Amalj’aa, forget that it happens to be a large part of the Blue Mage questline, and where the Whalaqee hail from, no, gotta be outraged over something, regardless of if it’s staring you in the face.

  • elyse

    Cus I’m sure that’s happened, it had nothing to do with what kind of behavior or lack of professionalism you may have exhibited, no, immediately it has to be about the race card. Cus that’s real life, they typecast you so you immediately typecast them.

    It’s starting to seem less and less a problem you have with the game and more like a problem you’ve got with a game made by asians :I

  • elyse

    I’m absolutely loving the QoL updates for Crafting, making steady hand II and byregot’s blessing automatic all-class abilities is amazing, that’s going to make crafting BSM and LTW soooooo much simpler, with the way they had to take all their subs from the other classes, and I cannot thank you guys enough for showing off the DoL/DoH armor sets, ALC and BSM looking amazing… making it harder and harder to have to wait 2 more weeks.

  • Xavier Lucky

    “Often times people who accept that they do this simply don’t want to accept that JPN is bigoted, sexist, and yes, racist.”
    The irony in this is just to great to ignore haha. Not to mention you don’t even address the fact that the main story of the game (i’m starting to doubt you even play for reals) has dark skinned people everywhere and a dark skinned world savior (The dude one shot a world ending dragon), and a main character who could be whatever skin color you want, something I just stated to you. You are just someone who is irked because Japan doesn’t see race as important as people like you do. (Thank the gods) Americans are just really obssessed with skin color and race.

    Anyways, If you feel that way then don’t consume their media, don’t watch anime, don’t play or buy their games.(Goodluck with that lol) and goodluck to you on your never ending quest for social justice.

  • I have a problem with anyone who insults my intelligence by making a world with where one continent is a fantasy Europe and another is a fantasy Asia and then expect me to never question where fantasy Africa is. That’s bullshit. Just making people brown isn’t enough. Where is their culture in the game? The asia culture is there, and so is the european culture. So why not an African, Latino, or even a South American culture? Because those cultures don’t sell. They’re seen as inferior and uninteresting by white and asia people who are making these games. And the fan echo this sentiment by nay-saying anyone who rocks the boat.

    Why is it annoying or wrong for me to want my people represent is culture, name and form? I’m not talking about slapping brown skin on someone with bone-straight hair. Or Giving a blue-eyed woman a dark tan. That’s not African, or even African-American. I’m talking about just like there’s a Far East with lots of Asian culture, why isn’t there a Far South that represents Africa? Why? Because they don’t want there to be one.

  • There’s nothing “faux” about my outrage. It’s just flat out real. I’m mad because no matter how long I live or how far we go in the future, the default race in any form of media is white. Always.

    I never said a british person didn’t have a culture. I said Yshtola wasn’t a black woman, as in an African. She’s a tan catgirl who doesn’t have any ties to African culture. Not even egyptian.

  • They can tell the story they want.
    I just wonder why they story is never about my people? Why is that?

    Qarn is a dungeon. Where are the Qarn people? Where are their ancestors? Where is their clothing? Where are their teachings? It means nothing to just slap it in there a dungeon to run thru but have no in-story present day show of them. It’s like saying “well there’s ghosts in the game, and they’re ghost of dead black people, so black people WERE in the game.” The Qarn people aren’t around. So that’s an easy way to brush them aside. They don’t matter except as an afterthought. “Oh Egyptians USED TO BE around.” Yeah and they’re gone now and they didn’t move the story forward at all.

    Is an African character in the Scions? No. But there’s plenty of blondes. Are there any black people with braids and corn-rows or political factions, or anything? Do any of them speak with a Swahili accent? Nope. When you put all the world leaders beside each other what do you see? When you line up all the heroes what do you see. If I made a full-blown african character, he’d be one of the only ones that looked the part, and lived the part in the cast. Even if Ala Mhigo was a nod at Africa, why doesn’t any of them speak with any African accents? Instead, I hear scottish and irish.

  • elyse

    “Where are the Qarn people”

    Do you remember that dig where I said you only wanted surface level representation and nothing more? RIGHT HERE, lmao

    Many of the ruins we went through with Qarn and Qarn hard actually were the remnants left over from the fallen city of mhach, created out of yet even older ruins, persecuted because of the amount of damage they had caused in the magus war, leading up to the calamity of water. Are you up to speed on which era that would be then…?

    So this people, not exactly welcome anywhere else, came to be known as what, class? The Belahdians. Now granted, I’m skipping a lot of boring stuff, but later on down the line, belahdia split into two factions, due to a set of twins being born to the royal family, and these factions became their own city states with time, Sil’dih, and Ul’dah. The ARR hildibrand questline does a bang up job pointing out what took place in Sil’dih (and the lore books even point out that the whole desert area wasn’t always like that, that a certain massive allagan structure in the southern desert is currently being tinkered with as a means to hopefully reverse some of what’s taken place, but until the plot actually dips that way again, you’ll never hear about that, or the amount of zombies released by fragments of dalamud unearthing, presumably, a part of sil’dih under the deserts)

    But yeah, okay, so… the ancestors of Belahdia, or as you put it “QARN” (you keep pretending to play this game) could easily be said to be seen as present day Ul’dah, or, if you follow up through the Red Mage questline, given that certain descendants of both mhach and amdapor birthed what is currently seen as red magic, near Ala Mhigo, there could be a shared ancestry.

    But even better yet, you want Qarn, but see… following the original map, before the flood and the eventual use of the Void Ark, actually was nestled in along the Yafaemi river, specifically, the Yafaem Saltmoor, situated northwest of current Mor Dhona.

    So here’s where I ask, did you read that link I provided before?


    Cuz I’ll pass it here. Simply put, Qarn isn’t exactly a good indicator, rather, the original ruins could be said to be of allag design, a possible copy of something else they had been studying before, well, they started turning more towards experimentation on live subjects, and left behind with a marker that seemed to suggest to those survivors that found it, that the mark must have meant something

    One could easily talk themselves in circles at that point with the lore but, eh. And honestly, you got african from ala mhigo? How?

    “Do they have cornrows” I mean, there are several braid based hairstyles in the game, some of which, highlanders are able to use, that do semi resemble such….? I’m sure I’m going to be told they don’t though, and, honestly, wouldn’t doubt it.

    Put the world leaders in the game beside each other and what do I see? … women, even raubahn is no longer allowed at the big kid’s table to make way for Lyse. Why would they have to speak with a swahili accent? If they were pushing for representation nearly as much as you like to think they should, why wouldn’t they stick with english given a near worldwide language used for trade …?

    “made a full-blown african character, he’d be the only one[no s, this isn’t plural] that looked the part, and lived the part in the caste.” but why, though? where would he fit in the world’s established geography? could he potentially be from one of the island nations still under garlean control up to this point? and why does it need to be african? why do you need to basically dump /yourself/ into the game just to feign happiness?

    Kinda feel like I’m playing twenty questions with someone who’s really not invested in the game…

  • elyse

    default race… I’m sorry they decided to create their characters to live in the world they created, how about making your own thing?

    you said, and I quote here…
    “What about Y’shtola seems African or latino to you? She’s just a tan British person. Theres more to people than just skin tone. Culture matters too.”

    There is more to a thing than just skin color, so why are you stuck on it?

  • elyse

    naysaying those that rock the boat? you fail to give any reason as to why it should be in the game just point to because “muh representation” as opposed to pointing what kind of way it could fit… have you even created a character? “bone-straight hair” holy hell, this is just testing the patience of those around you at this point.

  • elyse

    so you have no idea about the “new world” or “near east/thavnair” sections do you…

  • elyse

    I mean, the scions are basically all remnants from the old sharlayan… to be honest, the WoL and certain members of the old Path of the Twelve are the only non sharlayans in their numbers…. so of course there wouldn’t be a reason for your ‘african’ diversity hire, outside of simply being the WoL… This is just getting sillier the more you talk, and I’m convinced you’ve never actually played, more just one of those that refuses to play games cuz you specifically feel like they don’t pander enough to your whims.

  • I’m saying why if they let the WOL in couldn’t there not be an African character who also joins. They got new allies during HW and SB but they were all just the typical European characters. They didn’t even get allies from the far East to join the scions. Theres no rule that says scions have to be from that school or place Alphinaud came from.

  • I do hear about them but they never show them. Just bits of clothes people craft. I figured in shadowbringer they would finally allow use to go to all the other nations. Outside of Europe ones. But nope. Now we’re going to the a new planet and it’s just more of the same. European fantasy. As if no one but me cares about going to Garlemald or the new world. Smh

    As long as I’ve played this game and focused on the story. I get it. Not everything is doable all the time. But by now they’ve had time to show the new world.

  • My reason to put it the game is the same reason I always have. It’s fair. Theres got to be stories and adventure all over the world. So why exclude Africa and south America? Why can’t they be as much a place you can go and explore as the far east? There is t any point to saying you get to travel the whole world only to then back pedal on that and say “but not to Africa or south America. Everywhere else”. And God eater does the same. 3 games in still no mention of if Africa survived the aragami invasion. No no Kunis has Africans only found in remote forests and jungles with no towns or cities to their name. Even the desert tow. Character is a white girl with not so much as a tan and she LIVES in the hot sun. And every Tales game does this too. Every one of them excludes an African representation. The closest thing to one was a puffy haired purple clad girl with tan skin who was a side character in the early titles. But never in the 2000 games and beyond.

    So I’m not picking on FF I love the game and the story. But my patience runs thin on this slap in the face society throws at me to excuse my people from the games and shows and movies made outside of the US.

  • I’m not sticking to just skin tone. I keep saying I want to go to the African nation. The equivalent of African in ff14. That’s what I want. A place where the brown non-british people in the game are from. If the names are French and German and nordic and British In Origin for a lot of humans. Where are the humans who aren’t from the fantasy equivalent of those places and people. I’m asking for the new world to be reached which is likely where native Americans are and for Africa places to be called to Deep South or Far South and show it as much as they showed Far East. The culture. The traditions. The people. The problems they face. They heroes they have. Just like everyone else.

  • elyse

    The game…. is not…. a fantasy re telling… of the real world….

  • You can like a game without turning a blind eye to what it does wrong.

    FF14 does mimic real life. If not, then why are so many real life references in it? Even calling the New World a place is similar to how people referred to North America before they found out native Americans were there already. Why call the Asia area the far east if they didn’t want it to sync up with what people used to call the east asia region. Face it. Lots of what is in FF14 is a lot like Earth. It mimics it almost exactly in medieval culture. But when it comes to Africa or Latino culture it isn’t there. Go on the wikis and check where each FF14 race gets its names from. I bet you won’t see a single ref to a brown race.

    I said it before I’ll say it again. You can like a game without turning a blind eye to that it does wrong.

  • elyse

    yes cuz they couldn’t possibly label something the “far/near east” based purely on geographical means, it had to have a specific parallel, ok… and?… you also pointed to your own suggestion that any of those things wouldn’t exactly sell well, so I’m kinda curious why you keep answering your own questions

  • But you’re aware that they didn’t just name it far east. They put the cultural aspects of the asia people there. Samurai. Ninja. Kimonos. Nomads. Ganghis Khan style wars.

    They wouldn’t sell well on their own due to the favoritism in modern society. But with a lot of work, and effort, there’s nothing stopping them from getting a lot of African, South American, Native American, and Latino culture to be well loved. Just like in Shaman King where, despite some dodgey shady problems in the cast, a lot of the show/comic touches on other cultures and lost traditions from them. Which is really rare in a JPN media. None of which is shown in FF14. But they could do it, given time and effort.

    If the team making the game, went on record, out loud and said “We don’t have any interest in any other cultures. That’s why we won’t be adding them to FF14.” I would accept that if they explained “why” they didn’t have interest in it.

  • So in conclusion, 14 will now be focusing on a parallel world during Shadowbringer and likely only during the chapter that comes after will we see the Garlemald and Ascian plot continue. Since I doubt they followed you to the First.

  • That Eden ideo is basically useless. It’s just sand.

  • BlackWingsZ

    dude are you not tired?

  • Darrell Robinson

    Good god you’re annoying. While I agree with you 100%, Square is allowed to do what they want with their own game. I would like to see more African culture in video games, but I wouldnt bet on anything like that anytime soon. The real problem is not enough blacks or minorities in the video game industry to make that change happen.

  • But they are players and consu.ers so they should care about. Them