Here’s 16 minutes of Final Fantasy VII Remake off-screen gameplay By Wazi the pa on August 20, 2019 at 11:59 PM

The folks over at LeStream recently held a livestream event from Gamescom 2019 which featured 16 minutes worth of off-screen gameplay footage for Final Fantasy VII Remake, specifically from the playable demo available on the show floor.

Catch the video below (via LuisC):

Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to release for PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020. Check here to view our full coverage on the game thus far.

  • Kchri

    Very cool new footage (when the camera was actually pointed at the monitor screen)! I now understand more about how building the focus gauge and staggering enemies are related.

  • TNN

    Battle system looks slightly different. Before, you had attacks mapped to square and secondary attacks mapped to triangle. Now attacks are circle and guard is mapped to a shoulder. Secondary is missing altogether.

    Honestly, I hope the controls are remappable . I loved that aspect of Automata more than any other.

  • stevenm281

    maybe we’ll have to unlock the secondary mode for each character?

  • •december

    Essentially footage kinda shown before! Hoping for a new section / area

  • TNN

    Maybe they gutted it altogether. I honestly never understood its purpose from the floor reports. All triangle did was change primary attack combos. Like a stance change. Regular attacks to square. Press triangle, now regular attacks are heavy.

    …..Why not just map the heavy attacks to triangle to begin with? Why toggle?

  • Kchri

    Because when Cloud, for example, Is in Operator Mode, his attacks are standard. They are quicker/regular speed. After switching to Punisher Mode, he changes how he holds his sword and moves around at a very slow pace. He swings his sword more slowly (and my guess is the hit box is altered to account for the space in which he swings it differently) and each attack does greater damage. Additionally, if he is hit with a melee attack while in this stance, he will counter. However, while in this stance, if he is hit with a projectile (from, say, a magic attack), it will knock him out of the stance and he will take more damage than opposed to being hit with the same enemy attack if he was in the Operator Mode. So, essentially, the advantage of switching between stances is situational. When controlling Barret, pressing Triangle (I THINK) is mapped to a heavier attack but he and all of the rest of the characters will have different functions with the triangle button. This was all explained by Maximilian Dood in his YouTube channel as well as several others that played the demo.

  • Justice V

    It’s not really a ‘heavy attack’ button per se, but more of a character trait button. Could definitely be being reworked to have it work more like hold R2 to switch activate character traits and maybe they’re thinking of actually implementing a jump button with so many people complaining about it heh.

  • Justice V

    Wouldn’t expect any new areas from the demo’s at the next few cons. Making demos takes some time from development, and testing since you have to take a piece of your dev team and a piece of your QA team to test it out, alter stats, enemies, abilities, set pieces etc to fit within a demo and then QA has to make sure it works fine and is presentable without being torn to shreds by people. Essentially with 5+ conventions all back to back it’s not really worth it from a business standpoint to make new demos yet. Maaaaybe for TGS since that’s the biggest one in Japan and SE might care more about that one than others, but even then I wouldn’t expect it.