Imperial Saga: Eclipse gets a new trailer for Tokyo Game Show 2019 By Raptorchan on September 11, 2019 at 11:09 PM

Imperial SaGa: Eclipse, the sequel to the Japanese web-browser game Imperial SaGa, received a full and a 60-second trailer as part of the lineup of games being showcased this week at Tokyo Game Show 2019. It is scheduled for a 2019 release in Japan for both PC and mobile devices.

The chaos that had unraveled in the world of Disnomia had been quelled by heroes from different worlds, and upon victory, those heroes were expected to return home. However, they were instead transported to the new world of Dimilheim, where they now must traverse the strange new land and uncover it’s mysteries. (Translation source)

Additionally, the official website for Imperial SaGa: Eclipse has been updated with new character artwork and gameplay screenshots. You can check out the trailers and artwork below.

Full Trailer

60-second Trailer