Bravely Default II set for 2020, demo available now By Tony Garsow on March 26, 2020 at 11:29 AM

During today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, an update was shared regarding Bravely Default II. Previously announced for the Nintendo Switch at The Game Awards last year, the game is still planned for a 2020 release. Additionally, a free demo is available today through the Nintendo Switch eShop.

In the latest trailer, we are introduced to the cast: Seth, is a sailor who washes up on the shore of one of five kingdoms in the land of Excillant. He meets Gloria, a princess of a kingdom destroyed for its crystal. Elvis and Adelle carry a mysterious book they intend to decipher and join Seth on his journey.

The job system returns through the Asterisk system, which allows each character to assume a variety of roles in battle. The Brave & Default system also returns, which allows you to stack successive turns or defend to accrue them.

Later, Square Enix will be conducting a survey to collect feedback based on the demo heading towards the final stages of development.