Antique Carnevale
2 years ago.
Antique Carnevale character trailer details "Elena"
As scheduled, Square Enix has gone live with the second trailer for their newly announced title Antique Carnevale. Voiced by Yukari Tamura, Elena is the embodiment of the summons beast Ifrit. She guides and leads the fire people as a summoner who protects the fire mountains of "Ignicia." Her heart is filled with passion, and it is said that once you earn her trust, she will protect you until the very end. Elena's appearance imitates that of a beast in order…
2 years ago.
Square Enix announces Antique Carnevale
Square Enix has announced "Antique Carnevale", a "completely new game" for unannounced platform(s). At the moment, the company hasn't shared much details of the new IP in terms of how the game will be played, but they have shared an overview of its prologue and first character, Bernhard. Read it below: Prologue Have you thought about the differences between "things" and "living things"? Or the differences between "dolls" and "people"? If you ask, people will easily answer as such: dolls are "not able to move on…