World of Final Fantasy
4 years ago.
World of Final Fantasy Interview with Director Hiroki Chiba
Of the many titles at E3 this year, by far the one with the most charm, and perhaps potential, came from a quirky little spin-off overshadowed by its bigger mainline brothers. World of Final Fantasy - announced for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita - is coming out next year, and looks to be bringing back a lot of traditional elements to the series along with some modern gameplay flair. We had a chance to sit down with the game's director,…
4 years ago.
World of Final Fantasy will allow new players to connect to the series
Following up its reveal yesterday, Square Enix took some time during their e3 livestream to discuss World of Final Fantasy and what sort of game it plans on being. The director, Hiroki Chiba, has three major goals. Two of them are fairly simple, to show off a new world and a new kind of gameplay. The game does take place in its very own universe, in a world called Grimoire, and the battle system involves stacking tiny monsters and characters…