Nova Crystallis Staff
  • Jared Sangeorzan Administrator E-mail

    Site administrator and moderator.

  • James Stine

  • Erren Van Duine Editor-in-Chief E-mail Twitter

    As a self-professed Final Fantasy fan, Erren created Nova Crystallis in 2009 as a place to collect the latest information on her favorite series. As owner and Editor-in-Chief, she also spends her time writing for RPG Site as Senior US Editor.

  • Andrew Ip Editor, Administrator E-mail Twitter

    Andrew is a programmer by profession. From Montreal, Canada, he graduated from Concordia University in business and commerce. He joined the Nova Crystallis team in early 2011 as a part-time web developer and has since become an editor, aministrator, and lead programmer. His passions include gaming, technology, and sports.

  • Tony Garsow Senior Editor E-mail Twitter

  • Kazuma Hashimoto

  • Chelsi Laire Editor E-mail

    Chelsi joined Nova Crystallis in 2017 to contribute for the site's content. Square Enix games established her strong fondness for narrative driven games and RPGs in general, particularly the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series.

    Outside of Nova Crystallis she also contributes for RPG Site and is a freelance developer. She is currently studying a Master's in Computer Science.

    Outside of games? She's probably drowning in music, comics, and cosmology.

  • Raptorchan

    Raptor joined Nova Crystallis as a news contributor in 2017. She discovered she has a passion for both video games and writing because of Square Enix, and aims to make video game journalism and writing in general her career choice.

    Video games and writing aside, Raptor has a wide variety of interests, which include cosplay, drawing, voice acting, video editing and collecting figurines. She is also easily excitable and loves to laugh.

  • Andy

    Andy joined as contributor and editorialist in 2017. The stars aligned to indoctrinate him into the Final Fantasy fan base, and by extension, Kingdom Hearts and other JRPGs. He is obsessed with narrative in games, and how their multiplicitous features culminate into resonant experiences.