New FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Screenshots Feature Augusta Tower and More

Square Enix has released a batch of new FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 screenshots detail, detailing some of the new locations and gameplay systems reported earlier by Famitsu.


In depth details on how the evolved levelling up system functions for Noel, Serah and the monsters that have been captured and added to the player’s party.

New Environment:

Augusta Tower – This information processing facility was built as part of a major Academy project. A timespace anomaly has thrown the Tower into chaos and turned the interior into a maze.

Historia Crux: Serah and Noel’s time-hopping adventure will eventually alter the course of history itself. But in the new future, will the world be made safe–or will it be destroyed? Many locations within the Historia Crux have multiple Time Gates, and each gate opens to a different location on the time line. As long as you have the right artefacts to unlock the gates, you are free to explore the different paths. The hunt for artefacts will be a major part of your adventure. It is possible to close gates that were previously opened. This rewinds times and resets history, so you can replay the same area and perhaps correct mistakes you made the first time through.

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