Live Letter VI: submit questions for Final Fantasy XIV's director!

On April 4th, Final Fantasy XIV’s Director/Producer, Naoki Yoshida, will be hosting another live questions and answers session with the Final Fantasy XIV community.

The letter will begin at 7 am EST/4 am PST, and will be viewable on both PCs and iOS.

Yoshida will only answer in Japanese, but that should not stop you from sending your questions to @FF_XIV_EN with the hash-tag XIVLive because he will still answer them. While the answers to the questions might not be in English for the initial stream, the live letters tend to show off a lot of concept art of things coming to Final Fantasy XIV and a translation always comes soon after the letter ends.

The theme for your questions should be the current beta test (but nothing that violates the NDA) and the upcoming release of the actual game!

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