New Writer Introduction - Derek Struble

Hello! My name is Derek Struble, and I am a brand new writer for Nova Crystallis!

Since I am probably not a very familiar face around here, I’ll quickly introduce myself:

  • I first got started with Final Fantasy with the very first game way back in 1987. Since then, I’ve completed every single main line entry that has come out since, and I love the series so much that I go back and play through them regularly, once every two years or so when I have the time. My favorite game (Non-MMO) in the series is Final Fantasy VI, but I also really like V, VIII and XII. Final Fantasy VI is quite possibly my favorite game of all time for a myriad of reasons, but it is the perfect combination of gameplay, characterization and music that makes it stand out for me. Kefka’s “Dancing Mad” theme remains one of my favorite songs, even though I first heard it almost 20 years ago!
  • As I alluded to in my last paragraph, I am extremely passionate about the series, and especially its music. I love video game music in general, and the Final Fantasy series is just a plethora of endlessly good songs and scores. Highlights for me include “Dancing Mad,” “Battle on the Big Bridge” and “The Man With The Machine Gun,” but there are many more songs that I love from the series and I could honestly write for hours about the music from the entire series.
  • I am very much into both Final Fantasy MMORPGs. I was a long time FFXI player (from PS2 release until Wings of the Goddess) and I also ran my own linkshell that did end game content during FFXIV’s 1.0 phase. I played a Dragoon, Paladin, Dancer and Scholar during my XI days and I have every battle and magic class to 50 on XIV, so I have invested quite a bit of time in both games! I am extremely excited for A Realm Reborn and hope to spend quite a bit of time playing it when it finally comes out of beta again.

So that concludes my brief introduction, and I hope to have pleasant conversations with all of you on Nova Crystallis about Final Fantasy!

I can be followed on twitter @Derekstruble, and while my twitter is sparse at the moment, expect a lot more Final Fantasy stuff to be up on it as I get settled in here!


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