New Writer Introduction: John Sotomayor

Hello, everyone! My name is John Sotomayor, and I’m a new writer joining the team here at Nova Crystallis.

I’m a creative writer by trade and passion, but I’m also an avid JRPG fan, so I’m eager to blend these two interests of mine. Let’s get the typical introductory stuff out of the way:

  • My favorite Final Fantasy game is definitely IX. That was my first Final Fantasy, and it still holds a special place in my heart. I consider it a masterpiece in all of its elements. Speaking of the Final Fantasy series, I’m actually in the middle of a complete chronological play-through. I just finished I and II on my PSP, and I’m excited to start III soon! I’m really not big on MMORPGs, but I’m actually considering giving the new XIV a shot…
  • I’ve been enjoying the XIII games so far, but I understand that they’re deeply flawed. I guess I just like to defend the underdog. Even though I had a lot of fun playing XIII-2, I still think that XIII ended perfectly and it didn’t need a sequel at all. Regardless, I hope to enjoy Lightning Returns later this year, but I’m most looking forward to Final Fantasy Versus XIII (then again, who isn’t?). The limited content we’ve seen from that game simply inspires me. It’s finally spring…
  • In conjunction with the Final Fantasy series, I’m also deeply attached to Kingdom Hearts. I love all of those games and I can’t bring myself to pick a favorite, although Birth by Sleep is the most likely contender (though I’m also partial to 358/2 Days). My favorite characters include Riku, Xion, and Aqua. Shimomura’s music is so beautiful, it makes me cry. I can’t wait to play the HD 1.5 ReMIX in a few months!
  • Other Square Enix favorites include The World Ends with You, as well as the two Chrono games; Trigger was fantastic, and I love the setting/music/atmosphere of Cross. As for video games outside of Square Enix, I’m currently enjoying post-game Ni no Kuni, and I just started playing the Digimon Adventure game for PSP. I’m also looking forward to Tales of Xillia.

You can follow me on my brand new Twitter account @TheWriterJohn (please excuse the barrenness; it won’t be empty for long!). I can’t wait to provide you all with news, editorials, feature articles, etc. regarding the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises. It’s never been a more exciting time to be a Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts fan!

About the Author

John Sotomayor John Sotomayor is a writer from downstate New York. He graduated from university in 2012 with majors in creative writing and Asian studies. John is currently working on a number of creative writing projects (novels, short fiction, nonfiction, poetry, comics) and is also a published science writer. As a gamer, John enjoys JRPGs, particularly the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises. He also likes dogs, comic books, Joss Whedon shows, and the San Jose Sharks.