Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin version update notes

The newest Final Fantasy XI expansion, Seekers of Adoulin, has been released! Here is a quick rundown of the patch notes.

New Content:

  • The continent of Ulbuka has been added! Players can get to it by going to the Grand Duchy of Jeuno in Jeuno.
  • 12 News zones: Western & Eastern Adoulin. Rala Waterways and Rala Waterways [U]. Yahse Hunting Grounds, Ceizak Battlegrounds, Foret de Hennetiel, Morimar Basalt Fields, Sih Gates, Moh Gates and both Cirdas Caverns and Cirdas Caverns [U].
  • Colonization and Adoulin Coalitions have both been unlocked
  • New missions and quests focused on the continent of Adoulin have been added to both the new world and the old world
  • Defeating monsters in Adoulin areas has a chance to cause a “Soul Pyre,” a mirage that when touched, rewards items and bayld.
  • New battle content: Reives
  • New battle content: Otherworldly Skirmishes. Designed for level 99 players.
  • New jobs: Geomancer and Rune Fencer. Note: Neither class has a limit break quest yet for level 70 to 71. You must do the quest on another job in order to continue questing.
  • Lots of new monsters appear in the Ulbuka zones.
  • New items and synthesis recipes have been added!

Changes to Old Content:

  • Gathering has been changed: Gathering in the same place will increase fatigue, but also increase the chance of getting better materials. Zoning resets both effects.
  • Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area Survey Assault has had monster level adjustments, with the first 80 floors receiving a different levels of nerfs (up to 10 levels weaker from 1-19, only 2 levels weaker 60-79.) Monsters will also take increased damage from hitting them with their weaknesses.
  • Legion adjustments: General monster adjustments and some overall reductions to monsters that were too powerful
  • Einherjar adjustments: “Odin” in Odin’s Chamber II has had his HP, attack, defense and other attributes lowered.
  • Voidwatch: Void clusters can be used in the Provenance jurisdiction
  • Walk of Echoes: Monster levels have been decreased and both Frayed Sack (D) and Frayer Sack (L) have been added.
  • Salvage: Drop rates for almost all gear have been increased and some of the monsters have had their drops changed.
  • Limbus: Entry items are no longer exclusive
  • Enmity adjustments for both healing and damage spells post level 50.
  • Enemy attack power vs. players has increased when enemies vastly outlevel a player.
  • Both two handed weapons and one handed weapons now use the same attack vs. defense ratio.

Specific Job Changes:

  • Monk: Counterstance now reduces less defense.
  • Scholar: Embrava has had an effect duration decrease, a haste potency decrease and has changed from Regain to Refresh
  • Summoner: Alexander’s Perfect Defense has been lowered from 90 seconds to 30 seconds + 1 additional second per 20 points of summoning skill.
  • Puppetmaster: Can now use Asuran Fists

If you want to read the rest of the patch notes, they can be located here

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