Final Fantasy Tactics S teaser site opens

A teaser site for upcoming title Final Fantasy Tactics has appeared on the web. reported:

Square Enix has opened a new Japanese website and pre-registration for a new smartphone title called “Final Fantasy Tactics S”. This “social” game, something of a spinoff of the Ivalice Alliance, will feature designs originally created by Ryoma Ito. The game will also include races, jobs, and monsters featured in 2008′s Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift for the Nintendo DS.

The Teaser website lists Final Fantasy Tactics S for both Android and iPhone platforms. Mobage, a portal and network for social games, will be providing the services to bring Final Fantasy Tactics S to the Japanese market.

You’ll be in control of a clan, who’s goal is to protect the light of a crystal. There will also be a social component to the game where you’ll be in competition with other clans on the Mobage social platform.

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