Screenshots from the Lightning Returns 'Extended First Look' HQ Trailer

A week ago today, I provided you all with an in-depth look at a high quality version of the Lightning Returns trailer made available at Jump Festa. Some time after that article was posted, I came into possession of a similarly HQ version of the extended trailer that was released in January and began trying to upload it somewhere on the net for all of you to watch. It’s with a bit of a heavy heart that I must report that this will sadly not be possible. I’ve tried every video hosting website I could think of, and tried uploading in every format I’m capable of converting the trailer to. No site is able to host it at its original resolution, and there’s a loss in quality roughly equal to the screenshots I posted in the first article comparing the trailer on my computer with the best online.

In the face of this failure, however, I decided to take some screenshots of Lightning’s fight with Noel and the CG snippet seen at the end of both versions of the trailer. The screenies are in chronological order from the trailer. It’s not much, but it’s the best I can do right now. Rest assured, though, that my enthusiasm for this topic is unwavering and I will do my absolute best to bring you whatever I can, whenever I can. As we get closer to E3, I’d like you all to keep an eye out. I’ve got an almost electric feeling that we’ll be seeing something soon, perhaps sooner than any of you think.

If you would like to speculate on Lightning Returns or make predictions about its systems, story, or presence at E3 please do so below! All I ask is that you keep it civil, and please refrain from posting inflammatory statements.

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