Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Battle Event Recap

The Final Fantasy XIV battle challenge recap just wrapped up, which included a live commentary on the fight against Ifrit.

Our hosts first started talking about the massive presence that the new FFXIV has at this year’s E3. Not only are there large posters throughout the stadium (including in the elevator!), but images from the game can even be seen outdoors. The hosts later mentioned that the new FFXIV won Destructoid’s award for Best MMORPG at this year’s E3.

The event consists of two teams made up of PC and PS3 users in a timed battle against Ifrit, with ten minutes in total given to the players. The hosts kept hoping the players would cast protect at the start of the battle, but noted that they’ve rarely been doing so all day long.

The battle against Ifrit was scaled down compared to how such battles will be in the final version of the game, but regardless, the first team still lost. Ifrit used his physical mass, as well as various fiery techniques that interacted with the environment, in order to damage all of the players at once (this includes his infamous attack, “Hellfire”). Seeing the players fighting against a blazing Ifrit was evocative of traditional Final Fantasy staples in the midst of new elements. The second team won the battle first.

Part of the reasoning behind the two-party battle event was to showcase how users can play the game on different platforms, but still share the same experience. The hosts remarked that the PS3 users are being challenged with having to adapt to the gamepad mode in addition to the PS3’s user interface for the game, but added that it doesn’t take long for people to adjust.

Friday, phase three of the beta testing opens, which includes the PS3 version for the very first time. All three city-states will be available, including outlying areas, and more classes will also be playable.

A new Producer Letter Live (or at least the E3 equivalent) is scheduled for tomorrow. This will be in English for the first time. The team will also discuss the new scholar job, and everyone is looking forward to learning more from Yoshida (who has been very open and transparent all this time). Please look forward to our coverage on this and more tomorrow!

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