3D mobile remake of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years gets a short teaser trailer

Announced at this year’s TGS, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years will be seeing its return to mobile devices later this year in the form of a 3D remake.

As a direct sequel to Final Fantasy IV released years after the original, The After Years has found its home on feature phones, WiiWare, PSP and now it seems – updated in a style fitting for the 3DS. The trailer Square Enix put out is short – showing off a mix of CGI and gameplay – but you can at least get a sense of what the game will look like in motion. Or, rather, if you’ve played Final Fantasy III for DS or PSP or Final Fantasy IV for DS then you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. The main difference here is the menus will be a bit more adapted to touch screen-only play.

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