Final Fantasy VII G Bike doesn't affect the story of the Compilation

The newly announced and free-to-play mobile title set in the Final Fantasy VII universe has been confirmed to apparently have “no bearing on the canon”. The producer for the game, Ichirou Hazama, stressed that although he would like players to consider it as having occurred during the original Final Fantasy VII the game hasn’t got a story and therefore doesn’t necessarily need to fall anywhere along the timeline. It was also confirmed that the game is more about chasing down enemies than being a so-called “endless runner” game as some have anticipated it to be. Future courses are under consideration, though right now it’s just the Midgar highway. The creatures, music, and actions in G Bike are meant to remind players of the original VII, as well as using the mobile platform to introduce new people to the lore and experiences of that game. More on this as information comes in.


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