More classic Final Fantasy titles could show up on PlayStation 4

Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster might not be the only Final Fantasy titles making their way to the PlayStation 4. Both games were recently announced both at the PlayStation Experience and Sony Computer Entertainment’s Shanghai conference in China in which the Chinese release of the PlayStation 4 was confirmed.

Speaking with both Game Watch and 4Gamer, Final Fantasy series producer Shinji Hashimoto explained the reasoning for these announcements falls upon the PS4’s lack of backwards compatibility and current limited optimization of cloud gaming services. Specifically, Hashimoto notes that releasing these titles directly on the PS4 remains the best possible way to present these games in the best environment. Essentially, Square Enix is against releasing these titles as a sub-par or average experience.

The re-releases won’t be limited to Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X|X-2 either. If Square Enix has their way other titles in the series could show up on Sony’s latest platform as well. “We’ve been planning to create an all-encompassing environment for the series, but most [FF] titles have only available for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita,” said Hashimoto. “Also, China is getting its first home console in years and we would like bring the long-awaited masterpieces for the Chinese players as well.” Hashimoto believes the PS4 is the best place for the series to thrive now.

Asked if he could name any specifics – such as the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, which is seeing its release now on PC – Hashimoto said, “The collection isn’t under consideration yet, but if we wanted to bring the Final Fantasy XIII saga to PlayStation 4, we would need to form a new team to do that. The size of the original Final Fantasy XIII team has been reduced due to developers moving to work on Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XIV. That’s why we would need to hire developers to do it – maybe it would be a good option to be helped by some external studios in the same fashion as with Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster.”

Via: Final Fantasy World, 4Gamer.

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