Watch the Square Enix conference here!

At about 10AM PDT (approximately 10 hours away at the time of writing), Square Enix will be launching a live stream of their special E3 conference. This will be done via the Square Enix Presents Youtube channel, but the streaming page itself doesn’t seem to be up yet.

Tomorrow, before it goes live, we’ll add a link right here so people can watch it along with us! As the stream goes on, this article will be updated with a quick list of all the information we obtain on various titles, which will be separated into their own articles whenever things start to slow down (I mean come on, I’m only one man!) toward the end of the event. A lot of exciting news is expected, with many recently announced titles (some as recent as a few hours ago) and a few titles that have yet to reach North American shores. With the possibility of new announcements on the way, we just know you’ll want to be right there with us!

See y’all in the mornin’!

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List of Livestream Developments!

  • Fact-cards about Square Enix’s various IPs as we wait for the livestream to begin. Some of them are quite interesting!
  • First game being shown is a Western IP title, Just Cause 3
  • Phil Rogers is on screen and talking about the changes made at Square Enix and the efforts they’ve put in.
  • He’s continuing to discuss Just Cause 3
  • Roland Lesterlin, director for Just Cause 3, is onstage and speaking about the game. Looks like there won’t be anything FF related for a little bit.
  • Yosuke Saito, Division 6 business producer, has taken the stage. A new trailer is being shown by him.
  • A seemingly post-apocalyptic world is being shown, and a production team ranging from a number of Square Enix projects both East and West roll across.
  • The game appears to be a new NieR title for PS4, with more information promised in the Fall of this year.
  • Yosuke stresses that production has only just begun on this game. He introduces two of the people working on the game, Director Yoko Taro and Producer Atsushi Inaba. Yoko Taro is wearing a crazy, full-head mask.
  • Platinum Games is the major developing force in the project, with their specialty- action games. They are not worried about being able to keep the spirit of the original game, seeing as their team consists of people who loved the original and whom had worked on the previous title.
  • The subtitle for the new NieR project is “very much a secret”.
  • Rise of The Tomb Raider trailer is playing.
  • Brian Horton, director for Rise of the Tomb Raider, has taken the stage to discuss the game.
  • The team is discussing the details of texturing and skin. They show a woman being scanned to create real proportions and realistic pores and hair strands.
  • Patrick Naud, head of studio for Square Enix Montreal takes the stage to talk about the mobile and tablet initiatives of the company.
  • A trailer is being shown for a new mobile Lara Croft “GO” game.
  • The game is a one-touch control scheme, and is apparently considered to be turn-based.
  • Kingdom Hearts series Executive Producer Shinji Hashimoto takes the stage. He spoke in Japanese, but no translator spoke up during his speech.
  • The Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer is playing.
  • Hashimoto stresses they’re only announcing the project has begun, but to expect more information in the Winter.
  • He also says the PS4 port of the original VII has been delayed till winter, and is also coming to iOS
  • He’s showing a new video for Kingdom Hearts Unchained X [chi]
  • Hashimoto is confirming that the game will come to America for sure, and talks about how it will definitely be connected with Kingdom Hearts 3
  • Moving on to Kingdom Hearts 3, a new render is shown with what appears to be Sora’s new outfit. He plans to show KH3 footage in a minute
  • Greg Pullman and Roy Conelly, from Disney, are speaking in a prerecorded message for fans.
  • Conelly confirms the world of Tangled is coming to KH3
  • The KH3 video is being shown
  • Young Xehanortand young Eraqus are shown playing some form of chess and discussing the ancient masters who started the Keyblade War
  • Sora is shown in action across a wide range of massive environments with many new Heartless appearing.
  • His keyblade turns into a pair of pistols, and then a laser canon.
  • Various summons and special attack effects are shown, such as spinning teacups and the Pegasus chariot from Hercules
  • Young Xehanort looks at the keyblade his older self wields, hanging on the wall of the room he and Young Eraqus are playing in.
  • Hashimoto asks us to bear with him, because he’d like to bring another project to our attention.
  • World of Final Fantasy, the chibi-form title from yesterday, has a trailer being shown. It appears to be the same one from last night.
  • The title takes place in a new universe.
  • The director for the game is Hiroki Chiba, who now takes the stage.
  • The goal of the title is apparently to allow people to get familiar with the Final Fantasy series, regardless of age, gender, and nationality.
  • They want the system to be both simplistic and deep, so even those not familiar with games in general can get into it.
  • Parents and children will both be able to play the game, like diving into a toybox.
  • You can have monsters stack on your character to create battle party formations.
  • They are aiming for a 2016 release.
  • The director for the Hitman games has taken the stage to discuss the new game announce last night.
  • A trailer is being shown for Star Ocean 5
  • Shuichi Kobayashi, Producer for Star Ocean 5, confirms the game is coming to North America and Europe.
  • A new gameplay trailer is being shown off
  • The main character is running across the world, with the party members actually following behind him.
  • Although the battle system appears to be very similar to previous Star Ocean games, it is real time and has seemless transitions shown off here.
  • You can have more than 4 party members in an actual active combat.
  • Shuichi discusses dynamic cutscenes which are actually seemless active events, although the game will some static cu scenes too. He wants to break away from the notion that JRPGs are movies punctuated with gameplay.
  • The UI elements are still in development and are not final.
  • The game will release this winter in Japan, and in early 2016 in North America and Europe.
  • Marie De Marle discusses Deus Ex Mankind Divided and the evolution of the Deus Ex world.
  • Illuminati confirmed
  • A trailer for Mankind Divided is playing.
  • CEO Yosuke Matsuda is taking the stage, speaking in English.
  • He introduces the Final Fantasy Portal App, English version coming this summer, which apparently has a lot of Final Fantasy info.
  • New game being created by a newly-formed studio ‘Tokyo RPG Factory’. It has a dedication toward creating Japanese RPGs.
  • All new console RPG, concept arts being shown off, and Matsuda stresses it is a brand new series.
  • It is codenamed ‘Project SETSUNA’ and seems to be developing with a 2016 release in mind.
  • Matsuda gives a specch about Square Enix’s dedication, and the speaking staff appear on stage as a recap video plays.

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