World of Final Fantasy will allow new players to connect to the series

Following up its reveal yesterday, Square Enix took some time during their e3 livestream to discuss World of Final Fantasy and what sort of game it plans on being. The director, Hiroki Chiba, has three major goals. Two of them are fairly simple, to show off a new world and a new kind of gameplay. The game does take place in its very own universe, in a world called Grimoire, and the battle system involves stacking tiny monsters and characters on top of your heroes to create battle formations. Chiba says the gameplay is meant to be both simplistic and deep. They hope that it will be easy enough for anyone to pick up, even if they are unfamiliar with gaming, but have the hidden depths required to hold the attentions of veterans players.

The most interesting of the three goals is pure inter-connectivity. The Final Fantasy series is a storied RPG staple that has a wide range of settings, characters, and gameplay types. It can be intimidating for new players to get into and many feel lost, not knowing where to start. director Chiba hopes that World of Final Fantasy will be an easy jumping-off point for all players regardless of age, gender, nationality, and even experience with gaming. It will allow them to familiarize themselves with the various worlds of Final Fantasy in a game he likens to “jumping into a toybox”. Both children and their parents will be able to enjoy the game for different reasons, and he sincerely hopes it fulfills the secret desire of adults to jump back into being a kid again.

The team seems to be aiming for a 2016 release. We’ll bring you more on this as it develops!

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