Just Cause 3: Audio Q&A released

Today, Avalanche Studios released an audio Q&A on the official Just Cause 3 blog, revealing some nice little details about the game.

Here a short summary about the audio in the game:

  • Sound effects like crashes are dynamic and influenced my many conditions
  • The soundtrack is dynamic, too, changes depending on your height in the game, when you are flying, on foot, cruising in the car or in combat
  • Even the combat music changes, depending on heat meter, health, different enemy types or calls for reinforcements
  • Missions and settlements have a unique music
  • Enemies talk a lot, say comical stuff, shout orders or call the HQ for support
  • Rico has a lot of dialogue and comments on hijacking cars, blowing up chaos objects or tearing down propaganda, defeating enemies or grabbing collectibles e.g.
  • Almost every car has a unique sound, most recorded from real life engines
  • Gun sounds are a mix between recordings, files from a sound library or totally new creations since some goofy weapons do not exist in the real world
  • Apart from action sounds and the soundtrack, the game features a lot of ambient sound effects
  • Most of the explosions in the game are too big to recreate them in the real world, but the team did some recordings with a demolition expert and layered the rest of the effects, which are not from a sound library
  • Henry Jackman and Zach Abramson composed more than one hour of music for the JC3 soundtrack. The style of the soundtrack was described as “gunslinger meets caped crusader- kind of a modern day, fast paced Spaghetti Western”.

Just Cause 3 releases for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on December 1, 2015. The game features full voice and text support in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese and Mexican Spanish. Polish will be supported via text translations.

Source: JustCause.com –  DEV Q&A: AUDIO

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