Kingdom Hearts II.8 Final Chapter Prologue trailer at TGS

A somewhat extended version of the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue was put up by Square Enix right at the start of Tokyo Gameshow, which is currently in its opening hours.

Scenes from Kingdom Hearts 3, as seen in the E3 trailer earlier this year, were spliced at the beginning as well with the familiar “Now In Development” teaser breaking up this segment from the 2.8 footage. The collection contains a fully HD and playable version of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, a movie tied in to the story of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X [Chi], and a brand-new playable episode of Birth By Sleep called 0.2 Fragmentary passage, seemingly following Aqua and her trek through the World of Darkness.

More information on this new title is hoped for during this year’s event, and many of us are waiting for clarification on previous leaks. From the leaked resume of a developer and a screen quickly corrected at this year’s E3, we’ve all been wondering about a Kingdom Hearts “2.9”, and the announcement of this new collection seems to lend weight to the theory that 2.9 will be a full set of the Kingdom Hearts HD collections on PS4.

Some, however, feel that being just one number off means 2.8 was what these leaks were really talking about. We’d love to hear reader’s thoughts as we go into this year’s TGS with open eyes and ears.

Whatever the case, though, you can bet Nova Crystallis will bring you any news on KH 2.8 as it develops.

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