Seiken Densetsu (Final Fantasy Adventure) remake announced for PS Vita, iOS and Android

Following yesterday’s leak, Square Enix has officially revealed its plans for Seiken Densetsu – also known as Final Fantasy Adventure.

The game is a full 3D action RPG remake of the Game Bow original, set to release on PlayStation Vita as well as iOS and Android platforms. According to a preview with Dengeki PlayStation, this remake is being done as a sort of foundation for more remakes in the series. The ultimate goal is to bring the older titles in the Seiken Densetsu series to the same platforms while sharing 3D assets. All of this could potentially lead to a Seiken Densetsu 5.

To that end, the developers will be looking at fan demand. There are also plans to release this remake on PlayStation 4 eventually, some time after the release of the portable versions. The estimated price of the game is thought to be around 1400 yen.

The Seiken Densetsu remake is due out in Japan this Winter. The game’s official website can be accessed here.

Via: NeoGAF.

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