TGS 2015: New Final Fantasy XV story beats, chocobos, fishing and more in latest ATR

We learned a little more about Final Fantasy XV tonight during Tokyo Game Show, when director Hajime Tabata took the stage once again to fill fans in on the latest scoops during yet another outing in the Active Time Report. We’ve gathered up all the important bits right here – all the details and a brief recap and be seen below.

Beginning the event, Tabata took some time to re-cap the last several weeks of ATR coverage, including Gamescom and PAX Prime. We also caught another look at the Dawn 2.0 trailer, which hit the internet a couple days ago.

The conflict with Niflheim

FFXV Niflheim and Lucis TGS 2015 ATR
ATR concept

The Niflheim Empire has achieved world domination — except for the Kingdom of Lucis, who has defied them with the crystal’s power.


FFXV Concept

King Regis is the crystal’s current guardian, and he too can wield weapons from thin air. In his youth he fought beside Cid and General Cor.

FFXV Concept 2

Wondering why Regis has aged so dramatically? It lies in the need of his energy to maintain the shield around Lucis.


FFXV Concept 1

Luna is a highly revered “oracle,” with the ability to talk to the gods. She is the youngest oracle ever.

Also, what’s that double-sided spear Luna is holding?

Luna lives in Tenebrae, a city under Niflheim control that has some autonomy thanks to her role as oracle. She is courageous—unfazed, even when surrounded by the Niflheim soldiers, as she possesses extreme inner strength.

FFXV Noctis and Luna (childhood) concept

Luna and Noctis made a promise as children. Square Enix isn’t saying what yet, but it connects to the story.

The black-haired woman

FFXV Gen concept

In the new artwork of Luna, there is a “black haired woman” behind Luna. Her name is Gentiana and she plays an important role.

New Gameplay Footage

Chocobos can be rented in gil for up to 30 days, and called at any time. While riding chocobos, you can press the jump button again to make it try to stay airborne. When you get off a chocobo, it will follow you for a while. You cannot raise or bread chocobos. And you can catch fish of all sizes in bodies of water, using various different rods, to cook up back at camp.

Q&A Section

  • They’re considering adding Gilgamesh and others into the game via DLC.
  • Chocobos can be called with a whistle, so you won’t always have to go to the Chocobo Post to get them. They will be rentals and can be rented out for several days.
  • The Chocobo will follow you around when you’re not riding on them, but will leave after a while. But no worries, they’ll come back if you blow the whistle.
  • There won’t be any double jumps in Final Fantasy XV, but there will be aerial combos.
  • Final Fantasy XV will feature various mini-games, called “Activities,” such as fishing, Chocobo racing against NPCs, and more.
  • There won’t be a Chocobo raising/breeding system like in Final Fantasy VII, but there will be a way to track which Chocobo you’ve been riding, along with special buffs such as increased speed.
  • Hajime Tabata said that if they’re able to add things into Final Fantasy XV, they will—even if it means having to do so through DLC.
  • If they are to add airships through DLC, it will be a free download.
  • There will be a variety of familiar magic for Final Fantasy XV, and one brand new “main” magic.
  • Guns won’t have combos similar to regular weapons, but they will have rapid fire shots, and will require reloads. Think of them as traditional gameplay with guns in other games.
  • There will be a variety of lures for fishing, and Square Enix are considering adding special rods that you might be able to get from certain NPCs.
  • Hajime Tabata says that Final Fantasy XVs CERO rating will be at around CERO B or C, around ages 12 and up.
  • There will be a variety of foods that you can cook up, along with cooking skills.
  • You’ll get something for defeating Archaeans (Summoned Beasts,) as in something to prove that you beat them, and will sometimes get to “borrow” their power after doing so.
  • There are plans to have other languages (voicing) to be available via DLC.
  • There will be scenes that show Lunafreya fighting, but that’s all they were able to say for now.
  • Players won’t be able to equip sub-weapons, but other party members will be able to. For example, Gladio can equip a shield. Players can rotate through various weapons, but party members will switch through their sub-weapons.
  • The Black Chocobo isn’t just a regular Chocobo.
  • You won’t be able to go inside all of the buildings, but there are plenty you will get to enter.
  • Tabata would like to add stuff like background stories of when the characters were in high school, and other similar episodes. He’d like for fans to be able to see more of the characters from when they were younger, so they can get to know them better, rather than just from what’s going on in the current story.
  • “Cidney” is the Japanese name. “Cindy” is the English name. Tabata calls her Cindy while speaking to the Western media, and vice versa
  • There will be more music and changes to the game. For example, you’ll get a different song while dashing on a Chocobo.
  • After a long while of consideration, Square Enix dropped the idea of having Moogle in Final Fantasy XV; however, if there’s enough demand for it, they’ll find a way to put them in the game.
  • There won’t be any Limit Breaks from Final Fantasy VII in the game, but there will be something similar.
  • When fields are connected, there won’t be any required loading time while traveling. There will, however, be some when the story moves you from place to place.
  • More details on Final Fantasy XV, such as character or monster profiles, will be revealed periodically before March, when they’re expected to announce the release date of the game.


To read up on what happened at Gamescom, see here. The same goes for PAX Prime 2015 – you can read up all the juicy details right here. Finally, for those who have yet to watch the Dawn 2.0 trailer, head over here.

The next Active Time Report will happen closer to the end of the year – or perhaps into early 2016. Square Enix has uploaded a short video recapping today’s reveals as well.

Also, Square Enix has now uploaded the Active Time Report (separately from their TGS 2015 day 3 stream).

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