Adventures of Mana releasing next week

Square Enix revealed today that Final Fantasy Adventure Remake (Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden) will be making its way onto iOS and Android devices February 4th worldwide – and is also set for PS Vita the same day, though only in Japan. The game will include music rearranged by Kenji Ito and will feature brand-new 3D graphics, controls and more.

Players will be able to use different six weapon and magic types. The Ring Command system found in the original game has now been refined and they have added in a new Half-Ring Command feature as well as Shortcut Commands – allowing you to register items and magic to use freely. You can watch the latest trailer that just released below.

Final Fantasy Adventure Remake will be known as Adventures of Mana when a localized version of the game arrives on mobile devices next week in English. Unfortunately, the PS Vita version will not be releasing outside of Japan.

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