New Bravely Second: End Layer trailer shows off the job system

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Bravely Second: End Layer – featuring the game’s job system. The sequel will not only include the 18 jobs Bravely Default had but an additional 12 for players to choose from. Listed below are some of the new jobs shown off in the trailer:

  • Guardian – Uses soul power to unleash powerful attacks.
  • Exorcist – Reverts HP/MP to a previous turn.
  • Wizard – Adept in spirit magic and spellcraft.
  • Charioteer – Arms proficiency improves in battle.
  • Catmancer – Learns certain monster abilities.
  • Patissier – Undermines foes with deadly desserts.
  • Bishop – Chants spells twice to double their potency.
  • Fencer – Changes stances to improve their attacks.
  • Astrologian – Uses astral magic to boost the party.

Bravely Second: End Layer is due out in Europe on February 27th, February 28th for Australia and April 15th for North America exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS system. A demo of the game will also be available to download on February 11th in Europe.

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