New World of Final Fantasy locations, Mirages & gameplay details

Another round of updates to the official World of Final Fantasy website introduces us to new Mirages, locations, and legacy Final Fantasy character cameos. We also learn a bit more about the combat and capturing ecosystem in the game.

Final Fantasy series monsters and summoned eidolons appear as Mirages you can recruit by capturing them in battle. In order to do this, you must fulfill specific conditions like using certain items. When a Mirage is able to be captured, it’ll glow. You’ll be able to rename them at that point too. Stronger Mirages can be encountered by chance in an area called the Dark Crevasse.

When Mirages level up, they’ll gain skill points that can be spent on a Mirage Board to unlock upgrades represented by various nodes. With the exception of exclusive skills, all the nodes you unlock will carry over when you transform a Mirage to its stronger form.

Protagonists Reynn and Lann gain experience and level up alongside their Mirages too. You’ll be able to spend points into boosting their various status parameters. You can also equip Mira Stones that will enable them to use magic. Figuring out the right combination of Mira Stones and Mirages will be a key tactic in your battle plan.

World of Final Fantasy is currently announced for 2016 release for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita

New Mirages

Mirages are the creatures you’ll befriend and take into battle. They range from regular Final Fantasy series monsters like chocobos and tonberries all the way up to summon monsters like Ifrit, Shiva, and Ramuh. Mirages are categorized by their size into four different classes: S (small), M (medium) L (large) and Mega.

  • Ultima Weapon (Mega): A Mirage that dons a black helmet and armor; an overpowering force in the presence of enemies.
  • Leviathan (Mega): Also called the “Devil of the Sea,” Leviathan washes everything away with a powerful tsunami before returning to its abode deep in the waves.
  • Adamantaimai (Mega): [loc: Adamantoise] An eternal Mirage that has grown significantly; it doesn’t use half-hearted attacks.
  • Sea Snake (S): An inhabitant of the shore, Sea Snake specializes in water-based attacks and can also attack with its large fins. With great effort and guts, it can also move on land.
  • Red Dragon (L): Despite its slender body, the Red Dragon harbors tremendous strength within. Its fortes are physical attacks and fire-based abilities to toast its enemies.
  • Taimai (S): [loc: small version of Adamantaimai/Adamantoise] Although small, this Taimai is a refined fellow that uses its shell to activate “Cover.”

Mirage Support Abilities

Your repertoire of trusty Mirage friends also have a plethora of helpful abilities that you can use out in the field – anything from finding useful items to removing obstacles.

  • Trotting: Take your Mirage for a stroll, where they’ll possibly find useful items.
  • Rattling: Use a zap of Mirage electricity to shock machinery into working order.
  • Chilly: Eliminate fiery blazes that may block your path or harden lava flows.
  • Burning: Blaze through thick forest foliage with a Mirage’s fire magic.
  • Rumbling: Strong Mirages push obstacles out of their path with brute force.
  • Flapping: Airborne Mirages can fly you over to out-of-reach places.

New Legendary Characters

Cameos from the Final Fantasy series run aplenty in this game, including the likes of Cloud Strife, the summoner Yuna, and Chocolina. You’ll be able to use them to execute special moves in battle. Here are a few more you’ll encounter on your journey:

  • Squall Leonheart (Final Fantasy VIII): [CV: Hideo Ishikawa] A member of the organization “SeeD” and a mercenary who is loyal to his missions. He wields the special weapon “Gunblade.” It seems he trains with Lightning and Cloud and and often gets bruises and wounds…
  • Refia (Final Fantasy III): [CV: Yoko Hikasa] A kind-hearted girl who uses healing magic. For reasons unknown she has been exiled from her hometown of Saronia.
  • Cid: [CV: Shotarou Morikubo] Cid is a robot no matter how you look at him, but he insists that he’s human. He loves books above all else and has a wealth of knowledge.

New Legendary Locales

Our protagonists come from their homeworld of Nine Woodshill, but soon venture into the world of Grymoire, where they’ll travel to many iconic places from the Final Fantasy franchise.

  • Cornelia (Final Fantasy I): The first city that Reynn and Lann visit when they embark on their journey in Grimoire. Governed by Princess Sarah and protected by the Warrior of Light.
  • Balamb Garden (Final Fantasy VIII): Headquarters of SeeD, of which Squall and Quistis are members. At first glance it looks like a normal building, but it is actually a giant airship floating in the sky.
  • Ancient Library (Final Fantasy V): A library that houses countless valuable books. An avid bookworm, Cid apparently has made this place his home.

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