Nomura comments on the possibility of The World Ends with You sequel, Final Fantasy VII Remake still far away

In an interview with Famitsu at E3 this week, Tetsuya Nomura discussed the possibility of a The World Ends with You sequel and also gave a minor update on Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Regarding a sequel to The World Ends with You
Nomura noted the game has a big following outside of Japan and acknowledges that many people – especially from overseas have requested a sequel to be created. He points out that it won’t be an easy task to do, though the chances of doing one hasn’t been completely ruled out. First, he wants make sure he will have the staff/team required to produce a game equal to the original title.

Update on Final Fantasy VII Remake
Additionally, the director gave an update regarding Final Fantasy VII Remake. He mentions that the game is still a while away, but says not to worry as development is going at a steady pace. Square Enix will share more information about the game at a later time and when they do, Nomura will make an appearance to publicly reveal it.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently in development for PlayStation 4.

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